LP12 good guy mikesh & filburt hypnopoint

Broque.de represents fresh danceable electronic sounds and experiments from the surroundingfield of the "Oder auf Brot" community. We release our music as mp3, but also on vinyl and CD.  We hope you enjoy our stuff. And if you like to give us some feedback - we are happy about it. 
(Tend & Granlab)

good guy mikesh & filburt - hypnopoint

(out now / vinyl)
01 original
02 lars sommerfeld remix
03 map.ache remix
04 lucy & rone remix

043 pseudónimo terra firme e.p.
042 granlab the first days of spring e.p.
041 more places schmetterling und eskimo
LP11 juno6 salamis
040 max cavalerra below zero e.p.
039 sqware squeeze it to the last drop e.p.
038 higher sense xpoezure time e.p.
LP10 internal sync song for dementia
037 federleicht a boat and the sea e.p.
036 nils hoffmann kurz und klein e.p.
LP9 oab spätsommerkollektion - vinyl edition
035 oab spätsommerkollektion
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latest release: 2008-06-01


out now: pseudónimo - terra firme e.p.
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