036 nils hoffmann kurz und klein e.p.

nils hoffmann kurz und klein e.p.

Nils Hoffmann is a devil of a fellow in music. He plays various instruments, among them guitar and piano. He lives in Hamburg and he was in his life also concertmaster, composer of chamber music and also tenor and bass. Simultaneously he works as a teacher for music, plays in a rockband and is interested in electronic songs. And so we get a real all-round mixture of Techno, Swing, Jazz, Pop and Rock - out of all proportion. We can only present an extract of his work.

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01 sweet man like me a
02 goodbye glamour a
03 popmusik a
04 cry swing a
05 why don't you do disco a
06 all together as a .zip-file a
(written & produced by nils hoffmann)s

date of release: 2007-10-01


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