juno6 salamis

juno6 salamis

Juno6 is the pseudonym and the birthday of Stefan Schulz from Lipsia at the same time. He also complies with the analogue connotations of his name. Stefan likes to experiment between quiet IDM and straight Techno. Salamis is the great story about massive things happened a long time ago in the surrounding field of this island. The original version of the track tells us this monumentally story. Cio DOr (Karmarouge, Treibstoff Cologne) presents us her skillfully  deep and melodic version on the other site. And Steffen Bennemann (Distillery, 1bit-wonder Lipsia) makes with us another minimal trip after the battles.

Distributors: Kompakt / deejay.de

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01 original a
02 cio d'or remix a
03 steffen bennemann short shape a
(w&p by juno6 and add. artists)s
(mastering by tim xavier)s
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

date of release: 10.03.2008


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