040 max cavalerra below zero e.p.

max cavalerra below zero e.p.

The time since the founding of Broque to now was too short and it happened a lot - so we are very proud to celebrate the 50th release in all of the house of Broque. 

The artist behind this EP is Max Cavalerra from Munich of course. Max is already well-known for the old-established Broque-listener, because he had many great releases here. Nonetheless it's interesting to follow the further development of the music and his career 

So we are pleased with the next 50 releases, we like to make for a very nice audience like you.

Feedback and fun allowed!

Artwork by Thomas Gumprecht, Munich

01 the core a
02 quintessence of soul a
03 mono bot a
04 welcome to delta a
05 bermuda triangle a
06 all together as .zip a
(written & produced by max cavalerra)s

date of release: 2008-03-01


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