037 federleicht a boat and the sea e.p.

federleicht a boat and the sea e.p.

The music of the Berlin and Hamburg based Marc Bammann and Florian Schirmacher breathes like a leaf, dispending oxygen to the air. They are, without any question, professional and experienced musicians. The character of their musical relation, however, is made special by something that can almost be described as fate that has always brought them together. Besides theatre, choir and painting the influence each with their music, which adds to their  spirituality, art and openness. Their debut on Broque.de swims free of the wave of their current releases. Their sounds play skilfully with elements of classical music, jazz, house and trance.

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Artwork by Pedro Duarte, Sao Paulo

01 boogaloo a
02 central shopping market a
03 eternal theatre a
04 analog bubbles a
05 supergooses a
not available a
(written & produced by federleicht)s

date of release: 2007-11-09


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