LP14 | max cavalerra – heile welt

The last record of the most busy Broque – artist is a long time ago, but the waiting been worth: „Heile Welt“ („ideal world“) is music for the end of the open air season at the beginning of autumn. The people are in the clubs again and tell about the warm months before. Emotional music, directly from the soul to the legs – to take the hands up again and again. The Munich based DJ Max Cavalerra is also well-known with his releases on Karmarouge Rec. and a lot more projects. There are two more splendid versions on this record: the Justin Sequence Remix by Gabriel le Mar and the Subsonic Park Beatless Remix by Gabriel le Mar and Alex Azary, together also known as 2/3 part of Aural Float. The surely target o the Justin Sequence Remix is the dancefloor with really nice mixed sounds in a compactly progressive wrap of a fine sound spectrum. The other version by Subsonic Park is very quiet, but handy floating. The track evokes the nights, you can’t zap while watching SpaceNight on TV.


Heile Welt (Original)

Heile Welt (Justin Sequence Remix)

Heile Welt (Subsonic Park Beatless Remix)



Vertrieb: Kompakt / deejay.de

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