143 | mar io – twilight of ages remixes

While Mar io’s recent Twilight of Ages EP was fully committed to the sound of the 90s heyday of athmospheric ambient with very distant reverberations of rave escapism at most, the seven new ToA remixes of his new EP take a much more direct route into the club. The word “remix” falls short here, however, as the EP is more of a spin-off that draws inspiration from various ToA tracks and creates entirely new pieces of art from them. While the mood on all tracks picks up the ambient atmosphere of the source material, the ubiquitous straight bass drum adds a certain urge to hit the dancefloor. This is especially evident on Cie’s marching contribution (A Part of Future & Space) or modul808’s very oldschool ToA interpretation, which puts itself into the tradition of classic 90s deep house. IO label owner Lindsay Wang aka Polygonia, Dan Watts from Bristol aka Fractal Architect and the Rhinelander Harada, who is otherwise known from Trapez, Traum or Paso, also take up the warm deepness of the source material, but drift into subtly trancy dancefloor realms. Marie Wilhelmine Anders/MWA manages to cross uptempo beats with piano dabs and a lot of athmosphere into an ambient dancefloor hybrid. Finally, Mar io himself closes the EP with a contribution that naturally is the one that is most strongly grounded in the Space Night-esque sound of the original and makes us already longing for his next EP.


  1. twilight of ages – polygonia remix
  2. twilight of ages – harada remix
  3. a part of future and space – cie remix
  4. twilight of ages – modul808 remix
  5. space at night – marie wilhelmine anders remix
  6. a part of future and space – fractal architect remix
  7. twilight of ages – mar_io remix
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