042 | granlab – the first days of spring e.p.

It was time Mr. Granlab comes back to continue his celebrated „Leuchtfeuer EP“ with fresh music and dance energy. He uses oldschool techno rhythms with modern pop appeal in the right mixture. He jumps between the styles, stomps ahead or plays guitar – all together in a soft, but never hopeless melancholy.
The Munich based guy is one of the Broque.de founders. He is responsable for all technical topics and also the man behind the mastering. Granlab is well-known by his releases on the R.A.N.D.-label 3b, Polyfon and also as a frequently surfaced remixer.


  1. a drypoints griffs
  2. mazer
  3. neons
  4. a sneaked suffer
  5. hazy night
  6. all together as .zip


Music written & produced by granlab
Artwork by Jonas Langreuter, Munich