111 | linus & eingrad – traumfahrt

Linus is only 20 years old and grew up in the beautiful yet sleepy black forest. These days, he studies in the only slightly less sleepy city of Bonn but he’s been contributing to electronic music culture since many years, both as resident DJ of the „Salt&Pepper“ club in Pforzheim. Under his alias Linus & Eingrad, he now releases the new „Traumfahrt EP“, which surprises with captivating and highly emotional songs between techno and trance. Opening minds and hearts of listeners are not only the melodies but als the touching vocals from Celina de Torres, all converging into wonderful songs which will find their audience also beyond the usual nerdy club crowd. Rhythm and beats are balanced with melody, song-writing and athmosphere, making the five songs suitable and effective both on the dancefloor as well as all sorts of home (or office) listening scenarios. That’s a „Traumfahrt“ (German for „dream ride“), which we are more than happy to join, raising the questions where this journey will take us in the future.


  1. traumfahrt (feat. celina de torres)
  3. der turm (feat. celina de torres)
  4. bremen
  5. traumfahrt outro

artwork by sabina hemme
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