alessandro crimi afterhüttn

alessandro crimi afterhüttn

The Oder auf Brot Crew meets once a year at an alpine hut high in the mountains, in order to disturb the natural peace for an extended weekend. In 2006 Alessandro Crimi succeeded also in getting on the alm, in order to relive the mood of the weekend in his "after-hut", as soon as he arrived home. Alessandro lives in St.Gallen [ CH ] and is already well-known from Italic, Giant&Dwarf, Stadtgruen and As a DJ he goes from club to club and convinces with his Sets which seem to be carved out of one piece. On the 12" Broque nr.6 the Playhouser LoSoul, also an experienced alpine hut visitor, joins with an additional remix, as well as the Kickboxer/Safari-act Christian Quast, who also wanted to join us up there. As a bonus there is also Alessandros version of Christians "You are", which was already a mp3-monster-track.

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01 original a
02 losoul remix a
03 christian quast remix a
04 christian quast - you are
    [alessandro crimi remix]   
(w&p by alessandro crimi and add. artists)s
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

date of release: 2006-11-06


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