christian quast you are

christian quast you are

This is the 3rd with a new concept. Christian Quast from Hamburg (also on Kickboxer 01) presents a deep and dubby Techno Tune with his own vocals. His pal Markus GŁntner from Regensburg made us a Kompakt/Ware styled version. And Granlab from Munich tells us his definition of Detroit sounds. And last but not least: There is a bonus track on this record from Dataman (Bielefeld). Maybe you know the tune from the japanese netlabel and the netrelease "The most famous heroes".

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01 original* a
02 markus gŁntner remix* a
03 granlab remix* a
04 bonus: dataman - mr.pussy**  
*(w&p by christian quast & add. artists)s
**(w&p by dataman / licenced by
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

date of release: 2005-12-09


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