033 phonout spillover e.p.

phonout spillover e.p.

Phonout alias Oskar Rudzki is one of the best net-music "heroes" - a passionate and above all diverse artist, who understands a lot about word and picture. He fears no cliches, he does in each case whatever he wants, and this is how we met him on Broque.de from the beginning. He is the one half of Legoego and lives in real life in a small town in the beautiful North-Rhine/Westphalia. 
We simply love this guy because of his typically jumping beats and the matching crush-sounds, both included on this extremely deep tracks of driving nature.

Feedback allowed. Have fun!

Artwork by Phonout

01 de-com a
02 woza a
03 passing happy a
04 do_sen a
05 the f-15 a
06 all together as .zip a
(written & produced by phonout)s

date of release: 2007-06-01


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