030 mike breitfeld sci-fi-scope e.p.

mike breitfeld sci-fi-scope e.p.

Mike Breitfeld is one of the Broque - artists of the first hours and at the same time the man with the sequal EP, for which we waited for so long. The Thuringian, who lives now in Lipsia, remains faithful to its style and spoils us with fat analogue sounds, which come from deep deep down. On the one hand it goes on in a clear technoid way, on the other however, in a relaxing Downtempo - a workshow from a musical talent, who would gladly tell us stories through his music.

Feedback as always highly desired. 
Have fun while listening!

01 pulsevector a
02 m-w-t a
03 lightwashcitynights a
04 2-men-orbit a
05 the sweet dust a
06 alles zusammen als .zip a
(written & produced by mike breitfeld)s

date of release: 2007-03-01


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