018 oab mittwinterkollektion

oab mittwinterkollektion

Imagine you are wrapped in a cover at your rocking chair by the fireside. The room is ablaze with light. You are looking out of the window and Dr. Zhivago is tramping through the snow of the Siberian Winter.
Every artist of this compilation implements this picture in his own wise. And all tracks results together a complete story.

This exklusive compilation starts very relaxed with music of the Legoego-team from Bielefeld, Granlab from Munich and Atesh K from Cyprus. Markus Güntner (Ware/Kompakt) and the Cocoon-Club resident DJ C-Rock makes the fade to the crispy beats of the singing Mikesh from Lipsia and Maxx Cavalerra (Electric Delicate). Ziggy Kinder presents us an exclusive preview to his new album, that will be released at Ware soon. Also the Christian Quast (Kickboxer) track is a preview to his new 12". We say hello to Stefan Tretau from Mülheim. DJ Norman (Stammheim) is still well known. Nobody must say something about Don Disco from Offenbach. After the music of Strassmann from Dresden, Latex Distortion (1bitwonder), Gleichschalter and Georg Neufeld from Switzerland dies away pleasent.

Listen to this compilation track by track. Steady more and more and maybe you can nod a little to this music. After this release we make a little winter break. Feedback? Here!  

(written & produced by themselves)
*not available
**available on STiR 155
***available on Broque-LP005
****available on Ware CD 16/Ware 64
*****available on Glückskind Schallplatten
******available on Handhouse Records
*******available on Anny-Jack Recordings

01 legoego 
     the barely noticed death of dr. zhivagos cat
02 granlab memories
03 atesh k mechanics of love
04 markus güntner snoevit
05 c-rock seasons
06 mikesh drum in my life*******
07 maxx cavalerra song to remember
08 ziggy kinder propeller**
09 christian quast dream of me*
10 stefan tretau winterknistern
11 dj norman die endzeitmelodie
12 don disco schneeblind
13 strassmann grinder
14 latex distortion macchia valley
15 gleichschalter ein bild von dir
16 georg neufeld feat. marije westerveld 
     it's a sunrise
17 alles zusammen in einem .zip-file

date of release: 2006-01-06



As a bonus we proudly present our first music video of a track from our mittsommerkollektion:

mikesh - the book is closed [instrumental]

produced by: 

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