LP02 | broque.de vinyl extrakt 2

Following the success of No1 we present another colourful, crispy and partially unreleased compilation.
Maxx Cavalerra, a resident of Munich Electric Delicate evokes for us pleasant memories of the outgoing summer. The Cologne based Cie please their listeners with a compact Shuffle track, and the operators of netlabel Leggoego of Bielefeld kick into high gear with their music, but Rony and Suzy of Belgium calm us down with their Aphex Twin like sounds.
The record will be issued with hand sprayed design. As we are all aware of the little difference in thinking and feeling you can select from 2 different designs: one for the girls (ladies first) and the other one for the boys.


maxx cavalerra – close air

cie – frühlingsblume

legoego – menschen sprechen

rony&suzy – sushi


Distribution: www.deejay.de