LP15 | paul brtschitsch & cio d’or – aroma e.p.

The record is handsprayed. Mastering by Tim Xavier.






Distributors: Kompakt , deejay.de
Download: finetunes.net / beatport.com / kompakt-mp3.net / whatpeopleplay.com


Paul is a resident of Berlin. He began making music all the way back in 1992. Eight years later, after establishing his own label with Andre Galluzzi, Richie Hawtin licensed one of their tracks for his Plus 8 label. A number of releases and a few albums later (including 3 trip hop albums!) we find Paul in 2006. Releases on Music Man and Ostgut Ton followed, and he also teamed up with Anja Schneider to co-produce her releases for Mobilee. Its another exciting young talent that Paul teams up with on today’s release….


Cio D’Or’s musical roots can be traced back to her first steps, playing congas in a jazz band at the age of 17. From there the exploration of music took hold of her and soon she was spinning her own sets. In 1999 upon hearing one of those sets, Tobi Neaumann booked her for his Flokati party. Since then she has played and held residencies across the country and beyond. Cio dedicated herself to her musical studies and soon found herself sampling any new sound she could find. 2004 saw her debut release ‚Hokuspokus‘ on Treibstoff, which went on to find massive DJ and chart support. Fr her co-productions she chooses her collegues according to their musical proximity and this has seen her team up with Gabriel Ananda on the hugely popular ‚Lauschgoldengel‘, and today Paul Brtschitsch on their fantastic ‚Aroma EP‘.