045 | juno6 – terra australis e.p.

Juno6 produced one of the strongest Broque-records, for example charted by famous people like John Acquaviva. But the Lipsia based guy is also well-known for his releases on netlabels like 1bit-wonder.com or kreislauf.org sometimes under his other name „Beautiful Planet Earth“, what is the base of his fat electronic downbeat-music. He is also a man who likes adventures. So for example he was a long time in the amazing Australian nature with his notebook. And this new EP is produced in this wonderful virgin forest. The result are great deep and groovy sounds as a perfect follow-up of his latest „Salamis“ record.


  1. terra australis
  2. uretic urgent
  3. come back to me
  4. whippersnapper
  5. h8
  6. .zip


written & produced by Juno6
artwork by Juno6 & Thomas Gumprecht