153 | developingrhythm – filtered lounge

Developingrhythm aka Johnny Knight is a new entry to the Broque roster and his first EP for us could not work any better as an introduction to his sound and background. The four tracks position themselves elegantly between smooth broken beats and balearic chill out vibes but still tell a story of Johnnys colourful musical past, having been DJing between London and the balearic islands right next to the big shots like John Digweed. Those were the days of which his more recent four tracks still reminisce, but now in a much more chilled out Café del Mar-kind of way. Whereas “Warm Sun Face” captures the warm sea breeze over some hip hop beats, “10 Lines” has a jazzy feel in a Mo Wax-way. “Close It” goes full pop with all the trimmings, including a balearic guitar and dreamy vocals by Candy. “Flowing Stateness” closes the EP with a very dubby and playful track, that leaves us slowly waking up from a trip down memory lane, where long nights and after hours gradually turned into chillout sessions on the beach and time and space didn’t matter as long as the sound was right.


  1. warm sun face
  2. lines
  3. close it
  4. flowing stateness
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some feedback:

ALEX RUDER / KEXP thank you – ROB WARNER / IBIZA VOICE Cool vibes. Really like ‚Warm Sun Face‘. – KEVIN PRESS / EXCLAIM CA, BADD PRESS, THE MODERNS Thanks, K. – ANTONY MAC PHIARAIS / ZONE MAGAZINE ohh yes , i love this – STUART BRUCE / CHAIN DLK Downloading for possible review on ChainDLK.com – LAURENT / WTM another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – BINNY COLVIN / CIUT FM, THE MINX SESSIONS Full loaded record. Multilayered, telling stories with each track. Favourite track Warm Sun face – DUBIKS STAFF / DUBIKS We will play and support on Connectfm (Tracks of the Week) and add it to our Spotify Playlist. – JU / UPPERBERRY Dope =) – JOHN DIGWEED / BEDROCK RECORDS downloading – CHRISTIAN TJABEN / BYTE.FM ok – APDAP / RADIO WESTERN Nice. – BARRCODE / BACKSEAT MAFIA This I like, Look forward to promoting in future mixes, thanks. Info: Review vinyl for Backseatmafia.com – CHRISTIAN SEITZ / SHOW „NEULAND“ ON RADIO Z nice bass works with warm touch – STEVEN GOSZMANN / RADIO FUNKWERK, MUSICLOVERZ greatness – HD SUBSTANCE / ILLEGAL ALIEN, NEWRHYTHMIC, LEBENSFREUDE // BEATBURGUER beautiful – LOUK / ZONE MAGAZINE, 24/7, RTE 2FM, SONIC SESSIONS Hello, just playing catch up on all promos on my account ahead of some wicked gigs and radio guest mixes! Some nice chilled out grooves! – COLIN SPENCER / ARTEFAKTOR RADIO, KANE FM 103.7 Ta, C – MARC O’NEIL / SONUS FM / NIGHTPLAYERS / NIGHTLPRECORDS nice tracks – MARTIN BÖTTCHER / BYTE.FM, DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, TAGESSPIEGEL, TECHNOARM good trx