151 | mira nait – crazy

On his new single, Mira Nait deals with the really big emotions: „Crazy“ tells of the unspoken feelings that outlast broken relationships and often accompany you for the rest of your life. What is difficult to talk about can be sung about all the more passionately. Mira Nait aka Alex Schalm has obviously thrown his whole heart into the ring here and produced a beautifully emotive song that lives above all from his wonderful vocals, which float sublimely above a warm trance patina. It is a track to dance to that at the same time aspires to escape the the narrow club borders of club music while aiming for the big stage. If anything, this reminisces of the ambitious and highly effective crossover club pop sound of acts such as Gus Gus. Visually, the theme is translated into wonderful artwork that rounds off an EP whose message and sound is sure to appeal to a wide audience.


  1. crazy (edit)
  2. crazy (original)
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artwork by Mira Nait
mastering by Tim Xavier at manmademastering
you can use your favorite store for download



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