149 | tim susa – four signs ep

Tim Susa’s new EP is just as personal as his debut album „1982“, which was titled after the year of his birth. On the one hand, the „Four Signs EP“ is a fun-loving statement of strobo-fogged dancefloor escapism, driven by the power of the bass drum and a love for deep tracks that always seem to walk a fine line between reduced techno, deep house and vivid awareness of house music history. On the other hand, the four new tracks tell stories of interpersonal relationships, and more specifically, of four traits that can quickly turn a positive relationship into a toxic one. While „Control Freakery“ reminds of the engaging and trancy Border Community sound, the percussive „Entitlement“ loses all trimmings and is a straight-forward, no frills march onto the dancefloor. The EP gets lighter on its feet again with „Projectionism“, a shimmering piece whose hooks circulate dreamily around their own axis and occasionally wink to the likes of John Tejada. It gets more oldschool with the dry bassline of „Emotional Reasoning“, which is embedded in shimmering chords full of warmth and deepness. By now at the latest, everyone on the dancefloor should forget all thought about what can go wrong in human togetherness and be dancing intimately and united towards the sunrise.


  1. control freakery
  2. entitlement
  3. projectionism
  4. reasoning
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artwork by Marie Käning
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