148 | marie wilhelmine anders – frozen music

Marie Wilhelmine Anders’ new, multi-genre concept album “Frozen Music” follows up on her albums “Travels” (Broque) and “She’s Leaving” (Noisy Meditation). Being her fifth album, which refers to the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, „Frozen Music“ also evolves around another main source if inspiration that is drum ’n’ bass: Sunchase (who mastered „Frozen Music“ superbly), dBridge, Calibre, Krust, Goldie (Mother!), Optical, T.Power, LTJ Bukem, Banaczech, are just a few of her main influences. While searching for the connecting elements between the poem template from the late 19th century and the time when d’n’b was created 100 years later, she found the sound of the foghorn, invented in the year Stevenson was born. The foghorn was first installed in Jamaican sound systems in the 1950s, and it created an unexpected power in the bass range, and from there found its way into the raves and d’n’b productions of the children of the „Windrush“ generation in the UK. The second connecting element Marie found was the music of Claude Debussy: his „liquid works“ (David Toop) – influenced by the music of Java, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan – in turn influenced the later generation of ambient music producers. The chord progressions from his „Prelude“ from „Pour Le Piano“ reappear in a stretched and filtered form in Marie’s ambient intro track „Prelude“ and in a few other places in „Frozen Music“. The nine tracks of „Frozen Music“ find their very own form in the atmospheric recreation of the pictorial language of Stevenson’s poem „Evensong“ and in its relationship to some of the most fascinating genres in electronic music. Being a classically trained composer Marie juxtaposes ambient, breaks, d’n’b and techno. She approaches the boundaries of genres with a kind of innocence, always listening to the connections between the different styles. In “Frozen Music” she picks up on these connections. This works so well because the musical forms often don’t adhere to what you would deem traditional structure. Dynamic quality, form, sound design and, last but not least, the mix of her music are all the more carefully coordinated and result in a catchy flow that makes „Frozen Music“ another masterpiece, that not only brings food for thought, but, most importantly, transports the grooving d’n’b sound of the 90’s onto the contemporary stage.


  1. prelude
  2. embers
  3. the kitchen and the bed
  4. clap
  5. breeze
  6. signal
  7. spread
  8. so far
  9. evensong
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All tracks written, produced and mixed by Marie Wilhelmine Anders
Female vocals and field recordings by Marie Wilhelmine Anders
Mastered by Alexander Pavlenko at 22-22 Studio
Artwork by Marie Wilhelmine Anders & Thomas Lutz
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NELI / XPRESS MAGAZINE / RTRFM excellent stuff – SASHA CARASSI / DRUMCODE, WEAVE MUSIC, REKLUSE, REMAIN RECORDS Thanks – KATRIEN SCHUERMANS / GONZO (CIRCUS) Stunning release. Totally not what I thought it would be judging the sleeve. It’s a wonderful collection of strong bangers. Also totally dig how the album is being built towards the crescendo of Spread and So Far. Pleasantly surprised. – JOSEPH CAPRIATI / REDIMENSION downloading for joseph capriati, thanks ! – ELECTRIC INDIGO / INDIGO:INC i love the musical variety in this album! – LARS TUNCAY / PERSONA NON GRATAM MDR1 Excited – NORI / CLUBBERIA, DISKUNION, INTER FM, TIME OUT TOKYO, WAX POETICS JAPAN, BNANA.JP, POSIVISION, nice one! – MATTHIAS GANTZ great – ANDREW WOWK / PULSE, DECODED MAGAZINE „Spread“ is really nice – got like an oldschool dubstep feel to it – MICHAL PONCAR / TECHNO.CZ OMG! „Evensong“ is not a song… This is megamix of moods! Brilliant tune with this massive arrangements. This is the electronic symphony! This sunday @ our radio show Fluffy Clouds. We must play this beauty! We must! :) Big Up! & cheeers from Prague! – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio, thanks for the music ! – DJ LEO / LORA, OPEN BROADCAST, RADIO4, KANAL K In oour playlist on Saturday night Kanal K and others, Leo Swiss radios – BINNY COLVIN / CIUT FM, THE MINX SESSIONS Incredible development into new sounds from such a talented artist. Absolutley love the record Marie! – STEVEN GOSZMANN / RADIO FUNKWERK, MUSICLOVERZ grreat – TIMMY BYRNE / KISS FM thanx – ETIENNE DEVÈCHE / RADIO CAMPUS ANGERS Eclectic approch for an great album – MAETRIK / MACEO PLEX / MOTHERSHIP, DUMB UNIT, CROSSTOWN REBELS, TREIBSTOFF Downloaded for Maceo Plex/Mariel Ito, thanks for the music! – JU / UPPERBERRY Dope =) – SEBASTIAN SCHLACHTER / FM.4 cool album. great tunes – JOHN DIGWEED / BEDROCK RECORDS downloading – SLAM ORDE / SOMA RECORDS Thanx – CHRISTIAN TJABEN / BYTE.FM ok – KEVIN PRESS / EXCLAIM CA, BADD PRESS, THE MODERNS Thanks, K. – ROB HALL / SKAM like the flow of this – ELECTRIC INDIGO / INDIGO:INC, HET, TEMP RECORDS, FEMALE:PRESSURE love the genre mix! – FEMALE PRESSURE / ORANGE 94.0, VERBAND FREIER RUNDFUNK ÖSTERREICH really like it, nice production, I especially dig the drum n bass tracks! – COLIN SPENCER / ARTEFAKTOR RADIO, KANE FM 103.7 Ta, could well come back to this release, C – BOB NIEUWENHUIS / BE-AT TV dope stff – CHRISTIAN SEITZ / RADIO Z Nice Techno and House Tracks, but the Ambient Scapes are super interesting – PUNJAHBAE / EDM.COM Loving Embers! – CARL CRAIG / PLANET-E dl 4 erno thx! – RICHIE HAWTIN / MINUS downloaded for r hawtin – NOAH PRED / THOUGHTLESS, BIOTOP, HIGHGRADE Some cool ones in here, looking forward to a deeper listen – thanks. – ILARIO ALICANTE / COCOON RECORDINGS, ALPHAHOUSE, BOSCONI, PRISM Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music! – LAURENT / WTM another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – YOIKOL / 808 NIGHTS RADIOSHOW / 808 RECORDINGS / CIRCUS COMPANY / FLASH Embers here! – GREG LION / CAVE CARLI RADIO Playlist On Cave Carli Radio – ALEXI DELANO / AD LTD, NEW FUTURE SERIES, PLUS 8 Very nice! – STUART BRUCE / CHAIN DLK Downloading for possible review on ChainDLK.com – DAVID STRAUSS / EX BERLINER ! – CHRISTIAN HORNBOSTEL / KLING KLONG, SET ABOUT, FORM Exzellent! – DJ MONTANA / MDR SPUTNIK, CLUB BASEMENT.NET Embers and So Far are good tracks. – DUBIKS STAFF / DUBIKS Announced! + „Embers“ Selected for Premiere, Radio Spin ConnectFM (Tracks of the Week) and Inclusion on Dubiks Spotify Playlist – NADJA LIND / KLARTRAUM / LUCIDFLOW, SOMA, DARKROOM DUBS beautiful. thanks for the vibes! – DUKE SHIN / FREELANCE / THE GOODS, REFRACT, VOCALO RADIO CHICAGO, BUBBLES & BASS Inventive, adventurous, fun! Thx! – VITO CAMARETTA / CHAIN D.L.K Interesting interpretations of old ideas – GECK-O / THE FUNKY CAT Picking up Embers! – ECHOPLEX / POST SCRIPTUM / SYNEWAVE, SOLEIL RECORDS, SONIC GROOVE, INFRASTRUCTURE, OSTGUT TON full support – PIOTR NOWICKI / CREAMFIELDS POLAND, CLUBBER.PL, LAIF cool! – JUHO KUSTI / DEEP SPACE HELSINKI, SEMANTICA, MINDTRIP, BASSO RADIO Thanks! – HD SUBSTANCE / ILLEGAL ALIEN, NEWRHYTHMIC, LEBENSFREUDE // BEATBURGUER Superb work – STEFANO LOTTI / RHYTHM CONVERTED, EQUILIBRIUM LAB, FRONT REC Thank you! – BARRCODE / BACKSEAT MAFIA Missed this, look forward to promoting in future mixes. Thanks. – PAUL BRCIC / BROQUE, LEENA MUSIC, MUSIC MAN RECORDS, OSTGUT TON Impressing Soundscapes, frozen indeed…but in a great way! – ELECTRIC RESCUE / SKRYPTOM, REX CLUB, ASTROPOLIS nice release thanks ! – ATHEB / RAUSCHZEIT I liked fro the first second on .. so sweet 90s sound hovering between breaks, drums, bass and spheres .. totally a 5/5 .. all tracks! – CLAUS BACHOR / PSYCHO THRILL ACE!“ – WERNER NIEDERMEIER / BIOTOP, AYEKO, RUE DE PLAISANCE, BROQUE top!!! – VIALOCAL / AUDIOPHILE DEEP, SNKE OF SUNCLOCK, VIALOCAL RECORDINGS, SCIENCE CULT Thanks a lot for the promo, much appreciated! – R3 / M-NUS downloaded for r hawtin – DOWNER/SCHIST / 99.9 BAY FM/THOUGHTLESS MUSIC/NEW KANADA Marie truely outdoes herself with this release, such expression and diversity in sonic sculpture, great work not to be missed – TIM / COMPUTE MUSIC will listen carefully on my hifi system and get back to you , thanks – KRISS SALAS Amazing music !! thanks for sharing – POLYXENE / MOVEMENT RADIO atmospheric , experimental, seaguls in trance state, minimal dnb..so refreshing this one – CHRIS LOXTON / FIRE superb – CHRIS MAICO SCHMIDT AKA MIKE S. / EVOSONIC RADIO GMBH Superp. Album of the Day on Evosonic Radio 01/12/2023! – NADJA LIND / LUCIDFLOW RECORDS stunning album. I am fan! Thanks for the cinematic experience! – WALTER PUYET / MAXXIMUM.FR good – KMYLE / STOCKHOLM LTD, SKRYPTOM, CLERGY bombs – IREEN AMNES / UNDER MY FEET This is brilliant – WODJMAG / WODJMAG Awesome tunes. This album is a bomb. – TRICKYDISCO! / EMF MAG . – PATRICK ZIGON / BIOTOP LABEL great album! – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE („DEEJAY ACADEMY“ RADIO SHOW) Très étonnant ! repérages : Embers, The Kitchen And The Bed, Clap, Signal – ERICK GASCA / CLUB FURIES Sophisticated, complex, delicate, subtle. Sound design elements that support a superb result, that require full attention, escaping from easy productions. That also supports the use of variants that result in diverse sounds, disparate emotions, and changing atmospheres. Supported. Thank you for sharing your music with us. – BOYD SCHIDT / SMOG SERIES Marie Wilhelmine Anders – Breeze – ZUNI / TRIBAL WAVES (DOPPLER SHIFT) Embers, So Far and Evensong for me, thanks. – VIVIANE BERREUR / RADIO CAMPUS ORLÉANS Fav track s: Embers, the Kitchen ans the Bed, Signal, So far – SEAN-MICHEL YODER / VINYLJUNKIERECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM, BIG SHOT MAGAZINE, 365MAG.COM Interesting album. – [ALEPH] / PURPLE FASHION MAGAZINE Prelude and Embers are great. – G02 / HXAGRM RECORDS Thanks! – ED2000 / DANGEROUS DRUMS, CASHMERE RADIO, FACE RADIO, DUB INTERVENTION nice diversity full support – MAR IO / FORM N TERRA / BROQUE / AKOASMA EUROPE Mega Album!