144 | tim susa – 1982

Tim Susa’s sound on his recent album is as personal as its title, which marks the year of Tim Susa’s birth. His debut album 1982 seem to be no less than a monument, dedicated to his very personal journey through techno history. It is unmistakable that Tim’s heart beats especially for the heyday of dark shuffled techno throughout the 90s. Produced on a mix of analog and digital devices, the tracks revel in the sound of dancefloor legends like Dave Clarke, whose Red series seems to reminisce more than once on the album, Luke Slater or Gez Varley. The latter’s minimalist proto-anthem „Quo Vadis“ seems to resonate again and again, too. Like Tim, the tracks seem to feel most at home on dark, foggy and strobe lighted dancefloors. Moments of deepness keep popping up though, as tracks like “A Feather” show, that reach already out into the current millennium. In a similar vein, the wonderfully industrial-tinged electro beats of „Leaf Blower“ spread a lot of industrial dancefloor confusion without having to resort to a straight bass drum. In between retrofuturism, history lessons and techno old school, 1982 always manages to simultaneously look ahead and make you want to go back in time.


  1. synthopia
  2. a feather
  3. lysithea
  4. wolking around
  5. leaf blower
  6. old blacksmiths see saw
  7. sour grapes
  8. miss conscience smitten
  9. toes
  10. thelysit
  11. doriain
  12. tong
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artwork by K.P. Frank
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