044 | information ghetto – information ghetto e.p.

With this EP, broque presents a new name from Krasnodar, South Russia not far from the Black Sea: Information Ghetto is a project by Clapan aka Dennis Korsunski and Negativelight aka Oleg Tutunnikov. Their grooves could manipulate any dancefloor, as easy as the modern media manipulate the conscousness of whole nations. To strengthen the impression, the Russian duo uses their custom-built Reaktor instruments alongside warm analogue textures. With participants‘ background in IDM, chiptune and industrial, the sound becomes a smooth fusion of experimental approach and dance floor energy.


  1. information ghetto
  2. kvinte
  3. over guitar mode
  4. vintage terminal
  5. linear behaviour
  6. zip-file


written and produced by Dennis Korsunski and Oleg Tutunnikov
artwork by Lothar Witt, Munich