138 | werner niedermeier – hinode e.p.

With Werner Niedermeier’s last EP for Broque („Sub Culture“) being almost ten years old by now, we are even more pleased that he has found the time to set a new marker at Broque, in between his producer activities and own releases on labels like Audiomatique or Bulletdodge. Inspired by a great affinity for Japan and pandemic-induced wanderlust, the four new tracks of the “Hinode EP” are characterized by a Detroit-infused warmth and deepness. Though with one exception only, they always make a u-turn right before passing the threshold to the dancefloor. Instead of taking the front door into 4/4-euphoria, the tracks very subtly spread hints about their rooting in functional club music. While the acid line and claps of „Out of the Woods“ are the exception of the rule, marching and moving in a more straight-forward manner, „Y Not“, „Sampled Sun“ and the title track „Hinode“ remind of the productions of Lee Norris aka Norken or Galcher Lustwerks Road Hog project. Marked by a very playful yet atmospheric vibe the “Hinode EP” is well informed by an early Detroit’s rave-romanticism that never has to push open the door to the dancefloor in order to embrace us.


  1. samples sun
  2. out of the woods
  3. y not
  4. hinode
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artwork by b.2000
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PETER ENTJES / PULLPROXY BOOKINGS Y not is working the full dubby sounds for me – SILICONE SOUL / DARKROOM DUBS, SOMA RECORDS, FAMILLE ELECTRO RECORDS Lovely chill out vibe on Hinode, cheers! – ILARIO ALICANTE / COCOON RECORDINGS, ALPHAHOUSE, BOSCONI, PRISM Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music! – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music ! – DUBIKS STAFF / DUBIKS We Will Support, Spin on Connectfm (Tracks of the Week) podcast & Dubiks Spotify Playlist – LERI AHEL / MUTANT DISCO RADIO SHOW AIRED ON PIOONER DJ RADIO, SPACE RADIOFM, MIXPEOPLEFM, DINAMOFM ETC Last 2 tracks for me. – BARRCODE / BACKSEAT MAFIA Solid release. Look forward to promoting in future mixes. Thanks. – JOHN DIGWEED / BEDROCK RECORDS downloading – MAETRIK / MACEO PLEX / MOTHERSHIP, DUMB UNIT, CROSSTOWN REBELS, TREIBSTOFF Downloaded for Maceo Plex/Mariel Ito, thanks for the music! – MARTIN BÖTTCHER / BYTE.FM, DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, TAGESSPIEGEL, TECHNOARM good trx – RODERICH FABIAN / BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK down under – CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT / SUBCULTURE nice release ! – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE („DEEJAY ACADEMY“ RADIO SHOW) Bien joué ! „Out Of The Woods“ et „Y Not“ pour moi. – ÂME / INNERVISIONS, OSTGUT TON, SONAR KOLLECTIV thanks – SIMONA SALERNO / DEEP HOUSE MAGAZINE top!! – LUIS MENDIZABAL / LIVING TECHNO Excellent! – STUART BRUCE / CHAIN DLK Downloading for possible review on ChainDLK.com – CARLOS CMIX / I LOVE RITMO® RADIO SHOW great work! – JU / UPPERBERRY Dope =) – BINNY COLVIN / CIUT FM, THE MINX SESSIONS Impressive release. Expansive, moody and very well produced. Full Support. – KEVIN PRESS / EXCLAIM CA, BADD PRESS, THE MODERNS Thanks, K. – DJ PI-GE / CLUBBERIA Hinode is so good! sunset! – RUSSELL DEEKS / INTERNATIONAL DJ MAGAZINE, THIS IS WHY WE DANCE solid stuff – JONNY SLUT / NAG NAG NAG not for me – CARL CRAIG / PLANET-E dl 4 erno thx! – NORI / CLUBBERIA, TIME OUT TOKYO, WAX POETICS JAPAN, BNANA.JP, POSIVISION T4 for me!! – SATOSHI FUMI / KLIK, OUTERSPACE, MOODMUSIC, PLASTIC CITY Sampled Sun for me. will play! – JORDI ARES / MIXSIDE Nice stuff! Acid track (Out of the Woods“ for me – SEBASTIAN / F.A.R.E.S / BASS AND SPACE nice trip, thanks! – DJ T / GET PHYSICAL MUSIC, AUS MUSIC thank you for the music! – GRIZZLY / FLOW VINYL full support! – KRISTIAN HATTON / HAARP MEDIA Another great one from this don! – KÖLSCH / KOMPAKT very nice thank you – I-ROBOTS I-Robots approved! – CHRISTIAN TJABEN / BYTE.FM ok – JORIS VOORN / GREEN, REJECTED, COCOON Downloaded, thanx. – ENZO ELIA / KOMPAKT, FREERANGE, MULTINOTES, GOLF CHANNEL Out of the woods – NOAH PRED / THOUGHTLESS, BIOTOP, HIGHGRADE Some nice deep cuts here from Werner, thanks. – DARIO SORANO / HYBRID REC, KOMBINATION RESEARCH, PLUS 8 RECORDS LTD Y not….sounds good… thx ds – DUNCAN GRAY / TICI TACI Out of The Woods has a certain charm. many thanks – LUCID / NETIL RADIO, BALAMII Love it – RIYAZ KHAN / VIBE 105.5FM versatile sounds ! – NIKOLA BAYTALA / ROBSOUL RECORDINGS, WOLF & LAMB, LARGE, PETS RECORDINGS, UTENSIL RECORDS, SOULFOOD RECORDS Y Not is super cool & out there !!! love this