136 | marie wilhelmine anders – travels

Following on „Andersworld“ and its remixes, Marie Wilhelmine Anders dedicates her new album „Travels“ to her distinctive mixture of storytelling as well as virtuosic use of vocals and instruments and pours all of it into a highly atmospheric club sound. While Marie continues the themes of her previous releases, with Robert Louis Stevenson’s poetry being a strong and omnipresent influence once again, the epic tracks on „Travels“ deviate in several ways from the previous album. Right at the surface, one is immediately caught by the ubiquitous 4/4 bass drum, which lends the album its distinctly club-compatible character, that is supported equally by a deep and atmospheric production, which is carried by melodic chords and Marie’s trademark vocals. Marie’s narratives are inspired by Thomas Lutz‘ photographs and process topics such as travel, movement and change, and are given ample time to unfold. While „Andersworld“ was bubbling over with ideas, which came together in quick succession, the four epic pieces on „Travels“ develop their individual ideas into unique mini-dramas over 9-12 minutes each. This is far from creating a vacuum but creates ample space for a dense atmosphere, depth and a subtle play with various influences. That way, a track can evolve from a dubby balearic ambient piece into an emotional and energetic trance track, as „The Infinite Shining Heavens“ impressively demonstrates. „Travels“ is at the same time a consistent continuation of Marie’s oeuvre as well as a departure onto new territory, which raises hopes to be able to listen to Marie’s tracks on the dancefloor sometime soon.


  1. fire
  2. the infinite shining heavens
  3. and the stars are bright in the west
  4. travels
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written, performed, produced and mixed by Marie Wilhelmine Anders
mastered by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering Berlin
artwork by Thomas Lutz (Ölgemälde)
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SLAM ORDE / SOMA RECORDS Thanx – CARL CRAIG / PLANET-E dl 4 erno thx! – LE PÉPINIÉRISTE / STAR WAX Fire especially grabbed my attention with its poetic vocals and nicely grooving synths. I liked the tension slowly but constantly building up as the track evolves, getting high with those drumnbass claps in the end. – RICHIE HAWTIN / MINUS downloaded for r hawtin – ILARIO ALICANTE / COCOON RECORDINGS, ALPHAHOUSE, BOSCONI, PRISM Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music! – MAETRIK / MACEO PLEX / MOTHERSHIP, DUMB UNIT, CROSSTOWN REBELS, TREIBSTOFF Downloaded for Maceo Plex/Mariel Ito, thanks for the music! – LOCAL SUICIDE / MY FAVORITE ROBOT, MULTI CULTI, ESKIMO Great! – JOHN DIGWEED / BEDROCK RECORDS downloading – CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT / SUBCULTURE nice release – ANTONY MAC PHIARAIS / ZONE MAGAZINE nice ttack – BINNY COLVIN / CIUT FM, THE MINX SESSIONS Stellar release. Cinematic, minimal, deep. Quality from start to finish. Stand out The infinite shining Heavens. – PHILIP DOWNEY / SWOON, PASTLESSONFUTURETHEORIES BLOG could try heave, stars, on radio – DUBIKS STAFF / DUBIKS We Will Support, Spin on Connectfm (Tracks of the Week) podcast & Dubiks Spotify Playlist – DIFFERENT GROOVES (DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM) / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM listening for differentgrooves.com – CHRISTIAN TJABEN / BYTE.FM ok – BARRCODE / BACKSEAT MAFIA Great stuff, look forward to promoting through the mixes. Thanks. – PEDRO BLÁZQUEZ / GUIA ELECTRONICA DE BOLSILLO – RADIO 5 Interesting Work. We will use it for a Radioshow – DJ PROFILE TV / DJ PROFILE TV Loved The Infinite Shining Heavens – GREG FENTON / DEEPHOUSE-RADIO, DMC WORLD, MAGAZINE SIXTY And The Stars Are Bright In The West good track thanks. – JORDI ARES / MIXSIDE nice stuff! Thanks! – STUART BRUCE / CHAIN DLK Downloading for possible review on ChainDLK.com – LAURENT DIOUF / MCD MAGAZINE another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – TAKKYU ISHINO / WIRE, WOMB, very cool – RODERICH FABIAN / BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK different – GABRIEL FERREIRA / NINEFONT, ITEMS & THINGS love it! Thanks – ELECTRIC RESCUE / SKRYPTOM, REX CLUB, ASTROPOLIS Fire is the right name for this track thanks :) – MELANIA., HARSH MENTOR / AUFNAHME + WIEDERGABE, FLEISCH, INSTRUMENTS OF DISCIPLINE thx! – KEVIN PRESS / EXCLAIM CA, BADD PRESS, THE MODERNS Thanks, K. – SEBASTIAN BAYNE / IF? RECORDS Really enjoying Fire. – MAREK MOSKALUS / MOSKALUS wonderful sounds! – LAURENT N. / ATAVISME, HOUSE NATION RADIO Travels track is the one for me ! SUPPORT ! – STEFANO LOTTI / RHYTHM CONVERTED, EQUILIBRIUM LAB, FRONT REC Thank you! – DARIO SORANO / HYBRID REC, KOMBINATION RESEARCH, PLUS 8 RECORDS LTD cool sound. ill play thx ds – SUPER DRAMA RECORDS / SUPER DRAMA RECORDS, FREERIDE MILLENIUM Really nice stuff!!! The last part of „Travels“ is pretty epic! Great release! – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music ! – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE („DEEJAY ACADEMY“ RADIO SHOW) Des tracks de 12′ : c’est un peu long… mais c’est beau ! – ACID WASHED / RECORD MAKERS Njce – HARTOJO / IT SOUNDS FUTURE Itsoundsfuture is going to feature it. itsoundsfuture.com May the future be with you. Always. – TRONIK YOUTH / NEIN RECORDS, ROTTEN CITY, LA DAME NOIR beautiful ep – JAN-ERIK ZANDERSSON / UNIVERSUM NOLL +++ – SAMMY W & ALEX E / BUNNY TIGER, INCORRECT MUSIC, LOULOU RECORDS, 8BIT, TOBUS cool thx alot, we will try – TEKNOBRAT / CHUO 89.1 FM & CKCU 93.1 FM VARIOUS OTTAWA RADIO SHOWS / RADIO OTTAWA CHUO 89.1 FM + RADIO CARLETON CKCU 93.1 FM Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat CHUO 89.1 FM / CJUM 101.5 FM / CKCU 93.1 FM – CANADA Soiree Records International – Detroit – USA Gemini Wax Records – Ottawa – CANADA Psycho Thrill Records – Cologne – GERMANY – MYNUDE / SEVERAL REASONS RECORDINGS Very unique record. A lot of work has gone into this one – ANDREW CLARISTIDGE / WYN&M, BANANAMANIA, RECORD MAKERS, MILLE FEUILLES The Infinite Shining Heavens is ACE. Really beautiful! – ANDY KOHLMANN / SUPDUB, EXTRASMART, LORDAG, KOJ MOJITO, BEATWAX, KARATEKLUB, MIMIQUE, SUPERFANCY, RENNBAHN & KILL A BEAT yes I like it .. full support .. favourite track fire – BOYD SCHIDT / SMOG SERIES The Infinite Shining Heavens – ANDRAS TOTH / SPECTRUM RADIO SHOW Travels for me! – CHRIS LOXTON / FIRE Excellent will play on “uberchill daytime” @schmut.radio – MARY JANE / CURATEURDELMUSIQUE thank you – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW I’ll give „The Infinite Shining Heavens“ a try. Thanks. – VIALOCAL / AUDIOPHILE DEEP, SNKE OF SUNCLOCK, VIALOCAL RECORDINGS I love „The Infinite Shining Heavens“! – SMIFFY / FEET TO THE FLOOR, FUNKJUNKIE HIJACK RADIO SHOW Supporting – MARTIN BÖTTCHER / BYTE.FM, DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, TAGESSPIEGEL, TECHNOARM good trx – RÄDIOCØMPLEX / ILLOGIC MUSIC all the album is massive , i am very happy to have this material to play in the future really full support for my colleague Marie MASSIVE ALBUM !!!! – NORI / CLUBBERIA, TIME OUT TOKYO, WAX POETICS JAPAN, BNANA.JP, POSIVISION T3 for me. – SEBASTIAN / F.A.R.E.S / BASS AND SPACE Marie <3