135 | mar io – twilight of ages

At a time when our memories of sweaty club nights seem to stem from a parallel universe, it seems just fair that Mar io’s latest broque EP dedicates it heart and soul entirely to atmospheric downbeat electronica. „Twilight of Ages“ is full of reminiscences of the 90s, but rather than telling tales of dancefloor hysteria, it takes the turn right into the adjacent chillout rooms. Any many may recall that the chillout of the 90s has been the time and place where soothing ambient spheres combined with an unhindered drive towards experimental electronica have made a long-lasting impact on contemporary music by constantly bending and blending genres and sounds. After his club-oriented EPs for labels such as Form & Terra, and last but not least his album on Broque, Mar io shows here that he has the potential to stand up to the likes of Plaid, Biosphere, The Orb and the whole Space Night posse. With „Space @ Night“, he even dedicates a track of his own to Pascal F.E.O.S., who died surprisingly in 2020 and who, apart from being well-known for his rave adventures, had been one of the driving forces behind the Space Night sound, jointly with Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar under the Aural Float moniker. While „Space @ Night“ is representative for the high ambitions of the EP, gliding through time and space both dreamily and playfully, the EP as a whole resurrects the heyday of dubby athmospheric ambient sounds and playfully broken downbeats across seven diverse and enchanting tracks. As such, the charms of “Twilight of Ages” will delight and embrace everyone, by no means limited to those who have experienced the escapism of the 90s in chillout rooms rather than the dancefloor.


  1. dimmer
  2. come, take some
  3. twilight of ages
  4. son of the morning
  5. a part of past and future
  6. the space @ night
  7. tune out
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artwork by b.2000
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RODERICH FABIAN / BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK sky high – GABRIEL FERREIRA / NINEFONT, ITEMS & THINGS good! Thanks – LAURENT DIOUF / MCD MAGAZINE another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – MASTER-H AKA H330 / KOMPLEX DE DEEP, SOMA, CONCRETE MUSIC, VEGA RECORDS, FCOM Like it a lot especially „come take some“ great atmosphere all the way! – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE („DEEJAY ACADEMY“ RADIO SHOW) un bien bel opus ! Dimmer / Twilight Of Ages / A Part Of Past And Future / The Space @ Night – NOAH PRED / THOUGHTLESS, BIOTOP, HIGHGRADE Digging the experimental vibes, thanks. – TRONIK YOUTH / NEIN RECORDS, ROTTEN CITY, LA DAME NOIR great lp – MAURIZIO PUSTIANAZ / CHAIN DLK Downloading for possible review on ChainDLK.com – ANDREW WOWK / PULSE, DECODED MAGAZINE Lovely stuff here – really deep and enveloping – MARC O’NEIL / SONUS FM / NIGHTPLAYERS / NIGHTLPRECORDS nice tracks – LERI AHEL / MUTANT DISCO RADIO SHOW AIRED ON PIOONER DJ RADIO, SPACE RADIOFM, MIXPEOPLEFM, DINAMOFM ETC Right up my alley. Will support. – MAREK MOSKALUS / MOSKALUS lovely sounds! – CARL CRAIG / PLANET-E dl 4 erno thx! – ALESSANDRO ADRIANI / MANNEQUIN RECORDS, STROBOSCOPIC ARTEFACTS, JEALOUS GOD cool sounds – KALIDASA / WORLD UNKNOWN, TUSK WAX A solitary listening experience – CHRISTIAN TJABEN / BYTE.FM ok – BARRCODE / BACKSEAT MAFIA Definitely going to get ‚The Space @ Night‘ into the next mix. (BARRcode) – I-ROBOTS I-Robots approved! – NORI / CLUBBERIA, TIME OUT TOKYO, WAX POETICS JAPAN, BNANA.JP, POSIVISION nice relax stuff. – ANGEL MOLINA / SONAR, TRESOR ‚Dimmer‘ (my fav track) and ‚Tune Out‘ have both a nice cosmic atmosphere. Not really into the rest of the ep. Thanks anyway. – LUIS MENDIZABAL / LIVING TECHNO awesome!!!!! – RIYAZ KHAN / VIBE 105.5FM well crafted release – loving the deep mood laden flows and immersive atmospheres – ELECTRIC RESCUE / SKRYPTOM, REX CLUB, ASTROPOLIS nice jelectronic journey thanks – VIALOCAL / AUDIOPHILE DEEP, SNKE OF SUNCLOCK, VIALOCAL RECORDINGS Amazing EP!! I’ll play for sure one of them at my next TFTE show. – JOHN DIGWEED / BEDROCK RECORDS downloading – CHRIS LOXTON / FIRE Love it fantastic