129 | marie wilhelmine anders – andersworld

Marie Wilhelmine Anders is a recent addition to our Broque roster about which we are particularly excited; and not only because of her versatile background, which is ubiquitous on her album “Andersworld”. In fact, considering that MWA plays violin, piano, drums and e-bass since the age of five, already back then had a thing for early Genesis tunes, and studied classic contemporary composition at UDK Berlin and the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart only to push various music endeavours in between experimental, jazz and classical music afterwards, an album full of run-of-the-mill preset sounds would have been more than surprising. With remarkable ease, „Andersworld“ combines playful improvisations, traditional and electronic instruments, a serious sense for deepness, Burial-ish echo chambers and warm string carpets grounded in the afterhours of Motown with Marie’s wonderful vocals which let Robert L. Stevensons prose shine as they never shone before. Her songs seem to meander in between so different reference points as Larry Heard on the one side and the more atmospheric songs of Saint Etienne on the other side. While there are not many artists out there able to combine such distinct influences, MWA pulls all of this together into a deep, dense and coherent album. As if this would not be enough, Mar io and Zweig add the icing on the cake with their remixes, which wrap-up an actual opus of an album.


  1. keepsake mill
  2. looking glass river
  3. the land of nod
  4. escape of bedtime
  5. night and day
  6. high
  7. summer sun (extended version)
  8. autumn fires
  9. night and day (day rmx by ma_rio)
  10. escape at bedtime (zweig rmx)
  11. night and day (night rmx by ma_rio)
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artwork by Thomas Lutz
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