122 | xols – illuminati confirmed

Carla Agulló alias Xols may not yet be a household name on the international club stage, though she is clearly on her way to get there sooner rather than later. Already running her second label Red Panda Music (after the now discontinued Omicron Records) and having played widely in her home town Barcelona but also across Europe, she is now focusing on her own musical vision by releasing her sixth EP and preparing to bring this into the club scene in the form of a kickin’ liveset. On “Illuminati Confirmed”, Carla is developing her own vision of a techno sound which seems both ready for the future but also well-grounded in the past. Whereas all five tracks are pushing straight for the floor, their influences seem to come from different eras and regions, including references to the more tracky sound of Chicago house but also not shying away from more string-driven and atmospherically dark stompers and peaktime acid tracks which invite you to collectively freak out. What binds all tracks together is the highly functional use of vocals which drive the tracks in very different ways and contribute to the old school appeal Xols manages to evoke here.


  1. be smart
  2. off the ground
  3. upgrade your soul
  4. FNORD
  5. functional
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artwork by b.3000
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ANDREJ IMAMOVIC / OSCILIATOR RADIO SHOW Great old school sound. – T-SCALE / LOOSE LIPS pretty wonky :)) Off the Ground waved out vibe does it for me – KEVIN JAMES / EXCLAIM CA, BADD PRESS Thanks, K. – MATTHIAS SPRINGER / MFSOUND, DIAMETRAL thanks – AURELIO CIANCIOTTA / WICKED STYLE full support… – RICHIE HAWTIN / MINUS downloaded for r hawtin – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music ! – MARC O’NEIL / SONUS FM / NIGHTPLAYERS / NIGHTLPRECORDS nice tracks – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE („DEEJAY ACADEMY“ RADIO SHOW) Xols – Off The Ground Xols – Upgrade Your Soul – DIMITRI PIKE / TEKNOLOGY RADIO SHOW Nice, will play on Teknology Radio Show / Deep Space Radio – MATTEO / DIFFERENT GROOVES „upgrade your soul“ is my favorite. ?? Illuminati confirmed! – MATTIA BESSERO / THE-ZONE.IT Thanks for the music! Support from The-Zone! – DUBIKS STAFF / DUBIKS On chart – MARCOS IN DUB / MONOFUNK, HIGHGRADE, VIBE ME fnord – RIYAZ KHAN / VIBE 105.5FM well crafted sounds – like the immersive flows and dynamic atmospheres – RIVA STARR / SNATCH, GET PHYSICAL, HOT CREATIONS Thanks for the music! – JOENINE / THIRST4BEATS.COM this label is always on par with quality releases thxs downloading – RODERICH FABIAN / BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK clever – ANGEL MOLINA / SONAR, TRESOR Xols music is always personal and somehow bizarre, that´s why I´m always into some of her tracks. ‚FNORD‘ and ‚Off The Ground‘ are both interesting. Thanks! – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW I like Be Smart and FNORD. – MAETRIK / MACEO PLEX / MOTHERSHIP, DUMB UNIT, CROSSTOWN REBELS, TREIBSTOFF Downloaded for Maceo Plex, thanks for the music! – LAURENTN. / ATAVISME, HOUSE NATION RADIO FNORD track is nice for me. SUPPORT ! – DOUGLAS FUGAZI / MONOFONICOS, ARCHIPEL, MEDELLINSTYLE Very nice collection of techy deepness! – LERI AHEL / MUTANT DISCO RADIO SHOW AIRED ON PIOONER DJ RADIO, SPACE RADIOFM, MIXPEOPLEFM, DINAMOFM ETC Love FNORD – LOUK / ZONE MAGAZINE, 24/7, RTE 2FM, SONIC SESSIONS Fnord for me thanks – PATRICK BLINKHORN / BLISSPOP Be Smart is solid. – TEKNOBRAT / CHUO 89.1 FM & CKCU 93.1 FM VARIOUS OTTAWA RADIO SHOWS / RADIO OTTAWA CHUO 89.1 FM + RADIO CARLETON CKCU 93.1 FM Will play, support & test Thanks Teknobrat – ROB SPERTE / DANNY TENAGLIA SUPPORT! – SEBASTIAN BAYNE / IF? RECORDS like upgrade your soul. thanks – XIMO NOGUERA / NXT RECORDINGS, NXT GRAVITY Review for NXT Gravity – CORIN ARNOLD / BLN FM supporet and trhanks – AXEL KARAKASIS / REMAIN RECORDS downloading, thanks!! – ILARIO ALICANTE / COCOON RECORDINGS, ALPHAHOUSE, BOSCONI, PRISM Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music! – DON RIMINI / MENTAL GROOVE RECORDS, RISE RECORDINGS, NO BRAINER RECORDS, FOGBANK RECORDS off the ground + functional – CARL CRAIG / PLANET-E dl 4 c2 thx! – OLDERIC / CONNAISSEUR REC. / COMPOST REC. killer ep! – LOCAL SUICIDE / MY FAVORITE ROBOT, MULTI CULTI, BORDELLO A PARIGI Upgarde Your Soul + Functional rock big time! – SLAM / SOMA RECORDS Thanx – JOSEPH CAPRIATI / ANALYTICTRAIL, FRANKIE, CMYK, LOOSE, MINIBUS downloading for joseph capriati, thanks ! – CEDO / MBS+C3K / URGENT FM Be Smart, Be Smart, Be Smart!!!! – RADIO SLAVE / REKIDS Thanks for the promo. Gonna check and get back to u asap – VULKER / MINITEL MADRID me encanta – ONE TRACK BRAIN / OTB RECORDS nice