119 | granlab – system errror

The different audio tracks which form the base of Granlab’s new EP have already met enthusiastic reactions on the dancefloor as part of his recent livesets. That might be due to the old-school trance vibe which is one of the common denominators of these five heart-warming tracks between peaktime stompers, bleepy electronica and rave anthems of the kind Bicep has made a reputation with in the past. A combination which has already taken dancefloors by storm and is direct result of the pretty familial affair that is the “System Errror EP”. In the same way Heiko Schwanz and Dirk Lamprecht trust each other blindly when they go about their joint passion for microbrews, they perfectly complement each other when it comes to producing music. Not only because of this has the new Granlab EP emerged into a fairly collaborative operation: Granlab offers up four new tracks, while Dirk aka DML throws in his own trademark sound in the form of two remixes. Among the best showcases for their joint yet complementary approach is “Little Escape”, a confident hands-in-the-air trance anthem which is bound to meet wide-eyed dancefloor euphoria and is reworked to the same effect by DML with the help of subtle breakbeats and 90s nostalgia. Five tracks for all dancefloor romantics and all the rave enthusiasts who got a bit long in the tooth but enjoy squeezing into their Aspiral rave shirts every now and then.


  1. illegal system
  2. fragments of a lost system
  3. unstoppable error
  4. illegal system (dml party like 2001 rmx)
  5. little escape (dml rmx)
  6. little escape
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artwork by b.3000
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