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Deepness and white noise, warmth in the dark, vitality and recurrence, loss and reermergence. On his first album, Less is weaving a thread, which runs through all tracks. „Rosmarie“ is a concept album inspired by big themes such as longing, love, and sorrow. It tells a story which mustn’t be told. A dream, which is being dreamt secretly. A narrative involving subtle emotions as well as the deepest pain. On the album, Less is living through a dream romance, named after his muse. Rosmarie is a story which should be listened to from its beginning to its very end. It doesn’t require any over-the-top arrangements or cheap showmanship. But only pure longing in the darkness.


  1. it smells like you
  2. rosa rauschen
  3. dornenreigen
  4. in the fog there is a light
  5. it hurts
  6. behind your mask
  7. you are gone
  8. leave me now
  9. with you behind the curtain
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JENNY ARREDONDO / FEED THE RAVER Great album! Will play many of these tracks ;) – NACHO / MIXSIDE.COM Great stuff !!! Thanks !!! – FLOMOTION RADIO / FLOMOTION RADIO deep inside the machine….highly atmospheric – DAVID STRAUSS / EXBERLINER ! – LUIS REHMARK / ELEVATE RECORDS / SPARK MUSIK / WORLDSOUND SERIES rosa – ROLAND TORRES / SILENCEANDSOUND.ME, BENZINE MAG interesting… – JOHN BITTLES / TITEL KULTURMAGAZIN Gorgeously deep. I like this a lot. Will review. – LUIS ROZALEN / CLUBBING SPAIN, BEATBURGER top notch stuff from erfurt – JENNA JONES / BEATPORT Thanks! – DENITE / DIYNAMIC, GET PHYSICAL, THIRD EAR Thanks for the Music! – TIM THALER / BLN.FM nice one! – JENS SCHWAN | HOHMANN / THE CLUBMAP ganz gute ambient platte – LERI AHEL / MUTANT DISCO RADIO SHOW AIRED ON PIOONER DJ RADIO, SPACE RADIOFM, MIXPEOPLEFM, DINAMOFM ETC Some great tracks here. Love Behind your mask. – SASCHA KÖSCH / DE-BUG considering for review – RIYAZ KHAN / CHRY 105.5FM like the deep, brooding atmospheres and shifting tensions ! – MISK / ALTROVERSO playlist and support in altroverso – F.A.R.E.S / BASS AND SPACE very differenciated album, thanks! – NORI (POSIVISION) / POSIVISION MAG nice work;-) – JOHANN ERBA / COULEUR 3 good electro – GABRIELE GILLERI / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM supported by different grooves – KRISTIJAN MOLNAR / CHRISTALLIZATION RADIO SHOW Cool album, thank you. – DOUGLAS FUGAZI / MEDELLINSTYLE Super awesome album. Sounds really cool. Thanks – TOMAZ / 22TRACKS.COM, THECLUBBING.COM like I’m back in 1992 ! awesome – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW I like the leftfield tracks on this album. One of them will be used as a show opener and others will probably be used on my Halloween ambient show. – CYPRIEN ROSE / LUI great atmosphères – LOUK / ZONE MAGAZINE, 24/7, RTE Not bad, may grow on me but doesn’t initially grab me. – MANCHESTER GLOBAL RADIO Great, experimental sounds! – STEFAN WAGNER / RADIO Z – TIEFTON & HEADZ good sounds & production, radio play – ERWIN KELEMEN / PLASTIC LOUNGE @ FREIES RADIO FREUDENSTADT ok,thx – SANDRA MOSH / SWEDISH NATIONAL RADIO / MOSH MUSIK With you behind the curtain, It smells like you and Behind your mask are my favs great work on this album! – ROCKTEA / BIZAARBAZAAR ! – LEE HOLMAN / |DE|MAR|CATION| / FEROX / SOLID GROOVE. really liking the ambient stuff. Thanks for sending! – DJ JAVIMAR / DJ MAG SPAIN Great album. Thanks – INDEX RADIO SHOW / METRÓNOMO RUC, INDEX RADIO SHOW so good. less is more. – MARC BRUNES / MAINCONCEPT MUSIC Great surprise inside, congratulations! Will review for ohm-mag.com – ANDREAS BRÜNING / INTRO, RADIO FLORA, DE:BUG, HHV Interesting mix. – VELA UNIFORM / DYNAMIC REFLECTION, SEKOIA Beautiful and complex pieces, seriously great tools among these! – RICHARD ‚MERLYN‘ MARTIN / SUBDIVISIONS GLOBAL RADIO SHOW Downloading for Merlyn Martin and the Subdivisions Global Radio Show, thank you! – NORI / EXTRA MUSIC NEW, NORI On promo chart – PIOTR NOWICKI / CREAMFIELDS POLAND, CLUBBER.PL, LAIF nice&scary – PHILIP DOWNEY / SWOON / PASTLESSONFUTURETHEORIES BLOG could tyr it hurts, behind or leave me on raido – DUKE SHIN / FREELANCE / FREAKEASY, BAD ADVICE, DARK + DEEP Moody, cinematic, unpredictable… soundscapes to shakes. – SEAN-MICHEL YODER / VINYLJUNKIERECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM, IBIZA VOICE, BIG SHOT MAGAZINE, 365MAG.COM Fantastic album – BLAKE / DJ FREQUENCIES A dive into the unknown. Interesting release. – CEDO / MBS+C3K / URGENT FM Love the acid bleeps in „Behind Your Mask“ will try out – JOHN MASSEY / SOUND REHAB Cool release. Lots of goodness here. Thx! – ANAKHEMIA / VERSE69 pure madness. total love on this! – MARK EG / CORE, TILLATE Sounds cool! – Tørek Already in my favorite list! Really loving this kind of dark vibe! – Swarm Intelligence Brilliant album, I have had this on repeat over the last week. Goes well with the oncoming gloomy winter days. Will certainly support in DJ sets and on the radio! – Simon