108 | alec troniq & gabriel vitel – the aviating

If you were touring the dancefloors of the world as much as Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel have done throughout the last two years, you’d be inevitably becoming „aeronauts“, or, „The Aviating“, so to speak. And that’s precisely the title of their new EP on Broque which, by the way, is their first joint release as we are proud to highlight. But after all their previous joint works and two years of touring together around the world, this seemed the logical next step anyway. Those who are familiar with the swinging yet narrative house music by Alec and Gabriel know best that their works are usually clocked right for the dancefloor. However, on „The Aviation“ their songs demonstrate, that, in the first place, they are precisely that: real songs, that tell stories about clubs and festivals, but even more so, about everything before and after the glamourous limelight moments. Stories about being on the road, about airports, hotels and all the emotional states one is living through even more intensely when traveling. And as it is with all good stories: they want to be heard.


  1. the aviating
  2. faces
  3. old tortures
  4. walk myself
  5. all we loved
  6. message to frank
  7. Download .zip-file

All songs written & produced by Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel. Lyrics in „Walk Myself“ by Thomas Natzschka. Cover artwork by Gabriel Vitel. – you can use your favorite store for download, free download is not available –
This is the winner:

This was the task:
Create and upload your own „Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel – The Aviating“ videoclip on Youtube or Vimeo! Send your public link to tend@oderaufbrot.de! The deadline is 30/11/2015! Our jury will rate your video according to idea, implementation and technique and will choose the winner among all submissions. There is no recourse to legal action.
>>>> The winner-video is now the official video of the „The Aviating“-single! We link and promote it together with the release! The maker of the winner-video and his crew will get some places on the guest list of the next show by Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel in your area incl. Meet and Greet! Get your own Aviating experience with a Jochen Schweizer voucher „Fliegen & Fallen“ in the value of 199 Euro!

>>>> The following jury will rate you videos and will find the winner:
1. Antonin Pevny, Linz
Musicvideo-Director (Moby, Parov Stelar, Bilderbuch)
2.David Süß & Peter Becker aka Highflyer, Munich
VeeJay`ing and Virtual Design (Harry Klein)
3. Moritz »mo.« Sauer, Cologne
Journalist, Lecturer, Webdesigner
4. Christian Kausch & Alex v. Harsdorf
Label A&R and Artist Management (Tinush, Alec Troniq)
You can also visit www.alec-troniq.com and https://www.facebook.com/Gabriel.Vitel
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BORCHERT ANNA-LENA / OEINS SENDER, EMSVECHTEWELLE SENDER Love this relase! Support in my forthcoming radio-show! – M.PATH.IQ / MULTI CULT interesting mix – SASCHA KÖSCH / DE-BUG considering for review – BENOÎT CARRETIER / TSUGI faces for me – LAURENT DIOUF / MCD MAGAZINE, WTM RADIO SHOW another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – RIYAZ KHAN / CHRY 105.5FM quality work – like the vocals and rhythms – MAT / THE-ZONE.IT Thanks! Download for The-Zone Fm Radio show! – STEFAN WAGNER / RADIO Z – TIEFTON & HEADZ nice data pop – MARTIN BÖTTCHER / BYTE.FM, DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, TAGESSPIEGEL good – PATRICK ZIGON / BIOTOP LABEL great ep! – AXEL BARTSCH / SPORTCLUB MUSIC, GET DIGITAL, FRISBEE TRACKS, HI FREAKS, HIGHWAY RECORDS nice and track one is the shit – SEAN-MICHEL YODER / VINYLJUNKIERECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM, IBIZA VOICE, BIG SHOT MAGAZINE, 365MAG.COM Sweet record! – PHILIP DOWNEY / SWOON / PASTLESSONFUTURETHEORIES BLOG Like faces, old tortures, could try on radio. – LUKASZ (NERMAL) NAPORA / RADIO 4 POLAND not sure about the rest yet but Olt Tortures sounds good – DANNY TENAGLIA / TWISTED AMERICA RECORDS Thank you!! – DUKE SHIN / FREELANCE / FREAKEASY, BAD ADVICE, DARK + DEEP Alec’s unique vocal stylings pair well with the wonk and bass and clever-yet-forceful production. Walk Myself particularly stands out from this strong release. – DOUGLAS FUGAZI / MEDELLINSTYLE Sounds really super cool. Thanks!! – ERWIN KELEMEN / PLASTIC LOUNGE @ FREIES RADIO FREUDENSTADT cool babe.thx – RICHARD ‚MERLYN‘ MARTIN / SUBDIVISIONS GLOBAL RADIO SHOW Faces is cool – thx! – GABRIELE GILLERI / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM supported & noticed by different grooves – ANDRAS TOTH Nice Album!! – R.O.N.A.M Realy Nice release. Especially like the track „Faces“ – JAMIE STEVENS / BEDROCK, CHAMELEON RECORDS, GET PHYSICAL MUSIC, SUDBEAT Nice :) Some great summer tunes here – WERNER NIEDERMEIER / AYEKO, RUE DE PLAISANCE, TURQUOISE BLUE, BROQUE good stuff! – JOHN P / WESTRADIO.GR very good tracks! will play! thanks – NORI / EXTRA MUSIC NEW, NORI On promo chart – LAURENTN. / ATAVISME, HOUSE NATION RADIO Super tracks & stuff & vocals for me. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!! – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW Sorry, vocals aren’t really my style. – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!! – DJ JAVIMAR / DJ MAG SPAIN Really Good. Excellent prodution. thanks – TONREPORT / TONREPORT Interesting ones here. Will try. – JUSTIN BERKOVI / ART, TRAPEZ, PROSTHETIC PRESSINGS Quite like The Aviating – ATOCHI / OVERDRIVE MUSIK download from Atochi (Overdrive Musik) – MRPAUL / EMISSIONS / BEAT VISION nice concept… will support – ARITZ TIRADO / DCODED MAGAZINE Really good Ep – LOUK / ZONE MAGAZINE, 24/7, RTE Not for me thanks. – HATCHMATIK / COCO MACHETE Loving the Aviating – HERMANEZ / AELLA MUSIC, TRAPEZ LTD, MOBILEE The Aviating. Very nice vocals !! all tracks are super ! thanks ! – I0PS /JO PSARADOS / SINGLE MAN / BOILER ROOF CHA-GR, WHITE LAB LTD, 1605, NEW REPUBLIK nice release! not to play as im at the hard side but good to have some of the tracks! thanks guys!! – MIKE HERON / BTE RECORDS, BTE PODCAST great tracks – ARDITA ZEQIRI / RADIO X Old Tortures will bang the clubs all over the world! And our Radiostaion too! – RUST & DUST / AMENIIA RECORDS thank you – THUMP / THUMP interesting – AUDIOAL / ORBEAT NAPOLI Nice release – DARIO GIRAU / HABLA MUSIC – LW RECORDINGS – DRUGSTORE – SLOWPITCH The incredible ALbum! full support and download for me!i Plays in my radioshow and my Live !Thanks – MICROSEVEN / DIGITAL FM – HRT RADIO OSIJEK Nice Music! Thanks DFM – LUPEN CROKAN / SCIENCE LABEL, CUATRO RECORDS sounds cool – IAN O‘ DONOVAN / KMS RECORDS / BEDROCK RECORDS / WOLFSKUIL RECORDS / BIO MUSIC / KOMPLEX DE DEEP / EMI Old Tortures is my fav here. Lovely stuff. – MADLOCH / SOUND AVENUE / CROSSFADE SOUNDS / 3RD AVENUE / PROTONRADIO nice ep, thanks – YVEL & TRISTAN / HI!FLY MUSIC cool!thanks! – DEEPGOA / MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY good work – TRICKYDISCO! / EMF MAG Thanx, G – ROLAND TORRES / SILENCEANDSOUND.ME, BENZINE MAG Nice – REA K / BLACK AND WHITE RECORDS Faces for me.Thanks! – CEDO / MBS+C3K / URGENT FM must say that i do love the Techno side of Broque. ;) – FLORIAN LILLPOPP / CLUBTIME.FM Awesome Sound! I totaly love the Vocals of Gabriel Vitel! – VAN CZAR / BONZAI MUSIC/KMS RECORDS Excellent stuff, good vocals & Deep groove. – JERMAINE SANTIAGO / IN DEEP PRODUCTIONS Downloading to try out, thanks – MARC O’NEIL / SONUS FM nice – DISCJOKER (AKA GIULIANO P) / REK RECORDS something different, sounds like new wave! I like! I would like to listen also the instrumental versions… Support. G – DAVYCROKET / WWW.DAVYCROKET.COM Good release ! – LEATHAL AKA EL GATO AND PAUL LEATH / EL OTRO MUNDO PRODUCTIONS, FRICTION RECORDINGS, EOMSESSIONS(DOT)NET ONLINE RADIO BROADCAST, BLOO NEKO RECORDINGS This LP really brings up memories of Matthew Dear and Trent Moller but with their own twist and originality. Love it, love it!!!! Full support!!!! Check out eomSessions radio for track listings. – DOLE & KOM / MIXMAG thanks! – ANAKHEMIA / VERSE69 Total total win! Good job!