107 | broque.de – minikollektion II

Right after our recent Summer Jam EP, the Broque family is proud to present yet another very personal matter: the second edition of our „Minikollektion“. Five of our longstanding companions and friends have prepared an unreleased track each. Nevertheless, one or the other tune throws in quite a bit of history already. That can be said without doubt about the much celebrated club anthem „Monsta“, where Patrick Baer and Max Cavalerra rock the house and do more than justice to the distinctively explicit track title. Georg Neufeld and Tim Susa prefer calmer yet deeper waters, and surprise with finest Prescription-ish deep house touched with some jazz vibes („House of Lazy People“) and stylishly trancey slow house („Another Dimension“). This is what spoonfeeding coolness sounds like. Similarly, the chords and stabs of Landschalls’s swinging dub sounds know perfectly how to keep a distinctively calm and laid-back profile. Werner Niedermeier finally shakes up the scenery with some old school electro funk, which might be best listened to in the pedestrian areas of Bad Wiessee, blaring out of a cranked up Panasonic boom box from the 80s. All tracks seem to be „monstas“ here, each in its very own way.


  1. landschall – the chinese girlfriend i never had
  2. georg neufeld feat. gertrud polonyi – another dimension
  3. patrick baer feat. max cavalerra – monsta
  4. werner niedermeier – keep up
  5. tim susa – house of lazy people
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