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„Oldschool, Baby“, that’s how you could summarise the spirit of the Broque Summer Jams. Each June, the extended Broque family leaves their bases all across the world for a few days and comes together somewhere in the middle of nowhere to turn back time and celebrate the spirit of the early days. To pay tribute to this long-standing tradition, Ucleden and friends have built a musical monument for this annual ritual. They capture the goings-on during these quite special days in five wonderfully history-conscious tracks. Tim Susa and Cie pick up and advance the Detroit reminiscences of Ucleden’s title track, while Juno6 focuses on the more essential ingredients of club music. Finally, DML surprises with a healthy dose of early 90s bleeps and breaks, which manage to capture the happy hardcore euphoria of that era in a more nerdy, understated, and – let’s face it – a more grown-up, way. There is nothing left to say for us. So let’s enjoy this moment of happy anticipation of the great things to come during the Summer Jam 2015.


  1. summerjam
  2. summerjam (dml deconstruction)
  3. summerjam (cie remix)
  4. summerjam (juno6 remix)
  5. summerjam (tim susa raw remix)
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artwork by b3000
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Andrew Wowk / Pulse Radio, Inthemix.au I love love love that DML remix! Old school rave breaks style. Will play on my radio show – Louk / 24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine, Eat Music FM, Digitally Imported – DI.FM Juno 6 mix for me, thanks! – Giles Armstrong / Power FM Summerjam is hot! – Raphael Dincsoy / H-Productions, MB Elektronics, Abstract, Lehmann Club ill try – Keira / Entail Records – Intellighenzia Electronica Tim Susa remix for me thank you for the music! – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) not what I usually play, but some nice Detroit tech influences on here.. Good to listen. Thanks. – Benna Schneider / Harry Klein the dml remix is dope! – Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio Original track & Tim Susa remix for me. Will play & SUPPORT. – Luca Agnelli / (Etruria Beat, Desolat, Safari, Truesoul) nice pack thanks – Luigi Madonna / Drumcode great! dml rmx for me tnx – Kristijan Molnar / Christallization Radio Show Cool tunes, thanks – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) interesting package, juno 6 mix is great – Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) DML remix is mad!! Definitely would not have picked that as a Juno 6 remix, though… Tim Susa remix is very cool! – Bruno Sacco / Gravite DML remix is dope !! – Aurelio Cianciotta / Wicked Style amazing… – Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series Summerjam Original for me here. Thanks. – Tim Thaler / Bln.fm downloading – Pierre Deutschmann / Micro.fon / Kiddaz.fm / H-Productions summerjam original for me thx – Slam / Soma Records will road test – John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl) great stuff! – Last Waltz / FutureBoogie, Lets Play House, World Unknown, Is It Balearic, Ene, Endless Flight Original and Tim Susa remix :) – RUST & DUST / Ameniia Records thank you – Klartraum (live) / Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs cool stuff. thanks – f.a.r.e.s / Bass And Space nice varied remixes, thanks! – Sawf / Perc Trax / Modal Analysis thnx – Dubfire Downloaded – Rick Maia / Ministry Of Sound Radio Will try it out. Thanks – CEDO / MBS+C3K / Urgent FM Great! Thx in playlist soon! – Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,Moodmusic,Plastic City) Original for me.love melody and groove! – The Black Dog / Warp Records WIll try these. – Sasha / Renaissance not for my sets but cool vibes – Gemini Brothers / Nang Records,Nein Records, Homebreakin Records, Bearfunk, Silhouettemusic The DML version is outrageous! – Lee Holman SummerJam with its old skool feel does it for me and also digging the juno 6 mix. Thanks. – Florian Lillpopp / ClubTime.FM Nice one! – Ian O‘ Donovan / KMS Records / Bedrock Records / Wolfskuil Records / Bio Music / Komplex De Deep / EMI Nice release. Original and DML mixes are my favourites. THx – MrPaul / Emissions / Beat Vision nice old skool feel… – Rob Hall (Skam) / Skam cheeky dml remix makes me laugh – Jonathan Barnes / kzsu.stanford.edu, kzsu.stanford.edu Stellar remixes from DML and Cie…thanks! – Fabian Birke / WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM For radio play, thanks!!! – Nori / Extra Music New On promo chart – Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music Might try the Juno 6 mix, thanks. – JAVIER ORDUNA / Supplement Facts / Viva Music / Amam DML remix for me thanks – Jo Psarados aka Single Man / White Lab ltd, 1605, New Republik nice work! Juno 6’s remix is closer to me! thanks – Gabriele Gilleri / Differentgrooves.com supported by different grooves – Miki Craven dml remix and original! – ITZÔNE Great sound – Felipe Espinosa Meneses / Medellinstyle Great release. Good original version and great rmxs. Thx – Anton Banks / The Vault Radio Show will try. – Paco Osuna / Plus 8 Will try thanks ;) – Danny Tenaglia / Twisted America Records Thanks!! – Groof Downloading – Riyaz Khan / Diversions on chry105.5fm like the heavy kick and build on the original ! – JoyB / COUM Records, MainConcept, LCR Juno 6 Remix for me, thanks. – Hermanez Juno 6 remix is my pick here, thank you. – NX1 – Samot / Modularz / Monnom Black / Grey Report DML remix is very nice!! – D-LERIA / Abnormal Records/ Affekt Recordings dml rmx for me. thanks – Patrick Carrera / Paranoid Dancer Original is nice! – Richard ‚Merlyn‘ Martin / (Subdivisions Global Radio Show – Syndicated ) Cie remix)!!! – Zuni / Tribal Waves Nice Detroit vibe on this track, like the Cie & Tim Susa mixes. thx – Raymundo Rodriguez / Jaded London smooth vibes – Alinep / Asia Music | Love International | Circle Music Germany and many more would try these :)) thanks! tim susa remix for me – Charley Ten / BerettaMusic very cool stuff – will play all mixes – CJW / WireLab Great EP. Original and Juno 6 really working!! – Fiberroot aka Dillau great ep, my favorite is dml remix – David Escudero / DRO Original & Tim susa remix for me! Thanks! – Pinion / Perc Trax, Droid, Soma, Electric Deluxe Digging the original! – Mike Heron / BTE records, BTE podcast good tracks – Hector Oaks / Key Vinyl Original is great thanks! – Marv Göldner / Empore Music loving the 90s vibe the dml remix creates – Xpansul / Ovum Recordings, Plus 8, Sleaze Nice sounds here. Original and Juno 6 remix are my faves. Thanks! – Sean-Michel Yoder / VinylJunkieRecords.blogspot.com, Ibiza Voice, Big Shot Magazine, 365mag.com Summer jam! Woot =) – Pablo Demonio / Unk.fm, We Are Syndicate DML and Juno6 REMXI for my radioshow. thx – Jules Dickens / Abstrakt Dance DML remix for me.. slamming – ATAXIA / Culprit / Paxahau / Left’d(Leftroom) Best promo in my inbox. Thanks for great music x DML ftw. – Adam Warped / Panacea Dubai Tim Susa remix is nice – Matt Heize /Xentrix / Recode Music /ion music great detroit vibe here! – Stacey Pullen / Blackflag Recordings cool thanks – Josh Garett / Subspec I like how Juno 6 takes it into some deeper waters. – Malvin / Le Mur Du Son Original. – Dj Carlio Lio / Rawthentic Music juno 6 is my pick.. very cool