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Grünfeld is dead, long live Grünfeld! Even though, with this „best of“ release it’s time to say goodbye to Grünfeld, its spirit will live on through a fine selection of tracks, available on Broque.de from now on. The Grünfeld netlabel always has been a very special treasure in the netlabel landscape and we would like to pay our deepest respect. Founded in 2007 by DML, Philipp Friedrich and Holger Leger, it quickly gained popularity and became a household name. Though DML has been contributor to all seven releases, several other artists have been releasing on Grünfeld, such as Holger Leger, Suedmilch aka Benedikt Frey or Steffen Baldo, to name just a view. Ranging from dub to straighter material, techno in all its diversity always has been the common ground on which Grünfeld tracks used to grow and flourish.
„Seven releases in eight years might seem as comparably small output, particularly in comparison with release schedules of other labels. But, without wanting to turn to overused stereotypes, quality rather than quantity has always been the label’s policy. Throughout the entire period, not a single track has been released which didn’t meet the expectations, standards and taste of all three label founders.
But as it happens more often than not: life is moving on and the planet keeps on turning. And, once holy priorities change over time. After eight years, keeping up with the own standards became a challenge. And, releasing for the sake of releasing has never been an option for the Grünfeld team. Therefore, the decision was made to retire the label. But not, without making another mark with this „Best Of Grünfeld“ release on Broque, which at the same time becomes the new homebase for DML. This is a grand departure which makes space for something new.
So long, see you in the archives. D, P & H“


  1. dml & holger leger – subconscious
  2. dml – fin (suedmilch remix)
  3. dml – fluid (reshape)
  4. dml –
  5. dml –
  6. dml – (dirk lamprecht rework)
  7. dml – fs
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artwork by grünfeld&b3000
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HEIKO LAUX (KANZLERAMT) / KANZLERAMT Fin (Suedmilch remix) is big! – STACEY PULLEN / BLACKFLAG RECORDINGS cool thanks – HERMANEZ Very nice release, Originals and remixes are nice ! – SOMEONE ELSE / FOUNDSOUND suedmilch rmx for me – DJ FELIPE (FLEX VIENNA) Great tracks!! Like the dubby flair a lot! – SLAM / SOMA RECORDS cool grooves – ANGEL MOLINA ( SONAR / TRESOR ) Although not what I play, ‚Fin (Suedmilch remix)‘ is a nice dub tech track. thanks anyway. – LUCA AGNELLI / (ETRURIA BEAT, DESOLAT, SAFARI, TRUESOUL) nice pack tns – HABERSHAM Great stuff as usual. Will support, thanks. – INDUSTRIALYZER / CODEWORKS (Suedmilch remix) for me – JAVIER ORDUNA / SUPPLEMENT FACTS / VIVA MUSIC / AMAM Nice tunes here!! Pure Detroit! JAMIE STEVENS / (BEDROCK/CHAMELEON RECORDINGS) Not bad… a ‚little‘ too generic dub tech for me. Fs is quite lovely though. – JONATHAN BARNES / KZSU.STANFORD.EDU, KZSU.STANFORD.EDU Dirk’s remix of himself is next level! What a groove. – GEMINI BROTHERS / NANG RECORDS,NEIN RECORDS, HOMEBREAKIN RECORDS, BEARFUNK, SILHOUETTEMUSIC Afterhours bombs! Thanks for these! – AURELIO CIANCIOTTA / WICKED STYLE big ups 4 Suedmilch… – ENRICO SANGIULIANO / TRUESOUL / OCTOPUS / ALLEANZA / GEM / ALCHEMY / HERZBLUT really nice, thx – FLUG / CLR / SLEAZE / ENEMY Classic Deep Techno tracks from in this one, I will test, Thanks. – PETTER B / DRUMCODE, MODULARZ, BOND Great early night stuff for me. Thanks. – KILL REF / DARKNET very nice EP. Thanks – LUCIANO ESSE / SAFARI ELECTRONIQUE, OUT-ER, LEFTROOM, MATERIAL SERIES DML – DML – are my picks! Cool tracks! – RICK MAIA / MINISTRY OF SOUND RADIO Not for me sorry. Thanks anyway – TIM THALER / BLN.FM downloading – BRUNO SACCO / GRAVITE interesting Dub trip – LAURENT DIOUF / MCD MAGAZINE / WTM RADIO SHOW another wtm’s playlist is coming soon..;) – KREDEPEDERSEN / DR Quality stuff – PACO OSUNA / PLUS 8 Will try thanks ;) – LEE HOLMAN into „Fs“ most from this. A nice melodic trip.Thanks. – DAVID ZONA / SOE.FM & CLUBBING.FM (GENERICOS!!! RADIO SHOW) Good tracks. – ALEX TRUSK / DCODED MAGAZINE DcodedMagazine.com approves :) – ROBERTO (ARTFORM, OUTLAND, AFFIN) DML – Fin (Suedmilch remix) is really great! – RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON / THE VINYL GUERILLA EXcellent Dub Techno … – ANDREW WOWK / PULSE RADIO, INTHEMIX.AU Some wicked dub techno sounds here – will play on my radio show – MIKEE / MR CARTER, GOTHIC DISCO, NITE GROOVES, KINETIKA, STREET KING LINKS very good, thanks!! – KEIRA / ENTAIL RECORDS – INTELLIGHENZIA ELECTRONICA wow! thank you for the music – MARCOS IN DUB / GOA CLUB MADRID / HIGHGRADE DML – Fluid (Reshape) – DJ CARLIO LIO / RAWTHENTIC MUSIC feel in the remixes – AUDIOJACK / GRUUV, DEFECTED, 2020 VISION, DIYNAMIC Suedmilch remix ist gut. – F.E.M. / KMS RECORDS / BRIQUE ROUGE / NEVERENDING / RELOAD Suedmilch remix for me !!! Thank you ;) – F.A.R.E.S / BASS AND SPACE Great idea to make a reissue of this, sadly only short-termed, label! – RADHA KOTLIARSKY / EDM NETWORK Absolutely brilliant. – ALFRED BOS / DJ BROADCAST Nice collection of quality techno, The Fluid Reshape woeks best for me. – KLARTRAUM (LIVE) / LUCIDFLOW, SOMA, DARKROOM DUBS nice dubby vibes. thanks for the music – CRAIG HOLLYWOOD / RTRFM To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8) – JO PSARADOS AKA SINGLE MAN / WHITE LAB LTD, 1605, NEW REPUBLIK wonderful release guys! keep it up! – JOHN OSBORN (JACKOFF / TANSTAAFL) feeling fs – MRPAUL / EMISSIONS / BEAT VISION Great sounding grooves, thanks… – ZBK / SPAZIO TEMPO FS is cool, thx! – DJ JAVIMAR / DJ MAG SPAIN very good. thanks – PATRICK SELZER Subconscious – sweet deep – JERMAINE SANTIAGO / IN DEEP PRODUCTIONS Downloading to try out, thanks – LOUK / 24/7 MAGAZINE, CORE MAGAZINE, EAT MUSIC FM, DIGITALLY IMPORTED – DI.FM Not bad but not quite for me thanks! – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW Nice! will try. – MARK EG / CORE MAGAZINE, TILLLATE MAGAZINE, TUNE IN TURN ON DROP OUT Good stuff – ALESSIO MEREU / AMAM/POKER FLAT/COCOON great for warm up! ;-) – LINOS VIAPASCAL / REPUBLIC 100.3FM thanx – ROB WARNER / IBIZA VOICE Loving the Dirk Lamprecht remix. – NORI / EXTRA MUSIC NEW On promo chart – ANGEL COSTA / CLR, ELECTRIC DELUXE, REZ, BROOD AUDIO All tracks good. thanks! – BORCHERT ANNA-LENA / OEINS SENDER, EMSVECHTEWELLE SENDER Cool stuff. Supoort in my radio-show in may. – ROSS TELFORD / EQ MAGAZINE Thanks. – KRSTIJAN MOLNAR / CHRISTALLIZATION RADIO Nice release – FABIAN BIRKE / WOMR COLLEGE RADIO / BLN.FM For radio play, thanks. – SEBASTIAN ROYA (CONNAISSEUR) thanks