104 | the hermit – liber 3 – dualism

Following H.P. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, “light and darkness are identical in themselves, being only divisible in the human mind“. To resolve such seeming antagonisms – between light and darkness, life and death – and to show that these in fact are just two sides of the same coin, these are the declared goals of The Hermits new album „Liber 3 – Dualism“. Dualism, seeming contrasts which nevertheless share the same area of conflict, are the overarching topic. Such conceptual approach and metaphysical references are reflected in The Hermit’s musical pluralism, combining influences from Ambient and Electronica to Detroit, Wave and Industrial, and turning them into a perfectly balanced and conclusive listening experience. The fact that huge contrasts are always very close to each other here is best bdemonstrated by „Funeral“, a title which didn’t exactly hint at the melodic, almost euphoric electronica hiding behind. The tracks feature vocals of The Hermit himself and Zweileen, and are entirely self-contained, meaning that – contrary to many other concept albums – they don’t rely on any conceptual superstructure but speak entirely for themselves. And by doing so, their immediate and direct appeal prove the point that The Hermit has no doubt found his way. Harmony and dissonance, this is yet another dualism, one which is of utmost importance for any musician. And this is precisely the one which The Hermit masters better than ever.


  1. veil of the high priestes
  2. funeral
  3. teaching light
  4. perception
  5. dualism
  6. the holy bush
  7. dark silence
  8. shadonai
  9. conducting thoughtful of 9 feat. zweileen
  10. blinded
  11. between the lines
  12. ritual
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artwork by artwork by b.4000, Munich
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