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Now it’s official: Broque is celebrating its über-anniversary: 10 Years Broque also means 20 years Oder Auf Brot, where the collective roots of Broque are based. Oder auf Brot, or short OAB, used to be a collective of activitists in the electronic music scene of Thuringia. Next to organising parties, OAB has been particularly known for a regularly published fanzine focused on electronic music, with a strong focus on the local Thuringian scene. The 10th year anniversary of OAB marked the birth of Broque. Back then, the original idea of releasing an anniversary compilation quickly evolved into a regular label, kickstarted by Tend and Granlab. Now, another 10 years have passed and much has changed. However, the excitement and curiousity for music remains the same powerful motivation as it used to be twenty years ago.
To document that history and mark this significant anniversary, we have digged very deep and put together an anniversary video with impressions from past and present. No doubt you’ll enjoy it and we sincerely hope that no one feels disappointed about either being or not being part of the collection. For sure we had lots of fun preparing the video and would like to thank all of you who sent us some anniversary greetings.

Also, in order to make sure you always have your Broque with you on the go, we have prepared our first Broque-App. Through the app you can browse and listen the entire Broque catalog in a very handy way. Unfortunately the app is for Android only at the moment. iOS will follow soon:
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The 100th Broque release was destined to be something special. Something we had not done before. We had always been curious how our music would sound unplugged and transformed into entirely different styles and genres. So, why not giving it a try? We have chosen one track, „Mind Doodles“ by Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel, and asked some musicians from our Broque neighbourhood to interpret it on their own terms. After seeing contributions from many many people, this led to a release which is entirely unplugged and at the same time probably our most labor-intensive release. Have fun!:
Lakeside Legends
The band is based all around Munich and consists of Stephan, Kurt, Tina and Michi. All are busy with all kinds of music activities, including theatre, TV, lectures, Musica! shop and label. They dedicated one of their rare get-togethers to „Mind Doodles“.
Dresden-based Christian and Mario are 2Hot since 1994. They perform swing in all its varieties, for instance for radio broadcasts, TV and cinema productions and, of course, their own concerts.
Painted Desert
Maggi, Manä, Flori, Otto and Niko play together since 20 years and are based in between Bad Tölz and Tegernsee. They are known for their unplugged versions of popular hits and evergreens, usually intoned by multiple voices. And now they are known as well for their take on Mind Doodles.
www.painted-desert.de, www.facebook.com/painteddesert
Jean Blitz Gouthier has been active in a range of bands and projects in between jazz and punk and now lives and works in Dresden where is working at the theatre.
Disease Dominates
The Miesbach-based Tobi, Andreas, Johannes, Ales and Moritz formed Disease Dominates in 2012 and are conquering the death core scene since then.


  1. lakeside legends – mind doodles
  2. 2 hot – mind doodles
  3. painted desert – mind doodles
  4. blitz with gabriel vitel – mind doodles
  5. disease dominates – mind doodles
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