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Pop Booth is a our latest discovery, and one which makes our hearts beating faster: the native-born Pole Kamil Labanowicz enchants with an unbelievable debut EP, which embraces the listener with its euphoric melodies and hooks, and at the same time, shows a strong sense for deepness and house history. The title „Geometries EP“ comes not by chance: in his main profession, Kamil works as a car designer for a famously elegant German car brand. His design approach – based on finding the right balance between quirky originality and catchyness – does not work for cars only but is applied in full perfection to the five tracks of his EP. Named after geometric shapes, the tracks combine light-footed melodies with Prescription-era deep vibes, what is best demonstrated by the elegant „Edges“. Putting emphasis more on the melodic side, the subtle yet rousing euphoria of „Curves“, „Lines“ and „Surfaces“ even recalls the likes of Rone. Obviously, rougher edges should not be missing in any good design, and hence, are present here through „Corners“, a percussive old-school deep house track, pushing straight for the dancefloor. Kamil’s „Geometries“ by no means sound like the disoriented identification process often shown by debut releases, but seems as if they would have been in our ears and hearts already since ages. And one thing is certain: Pop Booth is here to stay.


  1. lines
  2. curves
  3. corners
  4. edges
  5. surfaces
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artwork by Pop Booth
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some feedback:

VIDAL / DROID RECORDINGS curves and surfaces for me – ERGIN KARABULUT / FAZE MAGAZIN cool – BENOÎT CARRETIER / TSUGI curves foe me – JORGE SAVORETTI / ESPERANZA corners 4 me – JEAN-PATRICE REMILLARD For Corners and Surfaces. – RIYAZ KHAN / DIVERSIONS ON CHRY105.5FM nice sounding release – Curves is my fave here – SLAM / SOMA RECORDS cool grooves – SEBASTIAN ROYA (CONNAISSEUR, MICROFREAK) “Lines“ is a bomb!! I love this track, wow!! – ANGEL MOLINA ( SONAR / TRESOR ) ‚Corners‘ is a nice deep house track, not into the rest of the ep. Thanks anyway. – AXEL BARTSCH (SPORTCLUB MUSIC) nice one, fav=curves – KRISTIAN HATTON / CYCLIC DEFROST, HAARP MEDIA More melodic awesomeness! – PIG & DAN (COCOON) interesting as always from broque, really cool funky grooves – NOAH PRED / THOUGHTLESS MUSIC Some nice ones in here, thanks. – DUBFIRE thanks!! – LEE HOLMAN yes some lovely stuff on this one. Edges and Surfaces are nice summery vibes. Thanks! – PATRICK SELZER relaxed Grooves. Nice. – DOUGLAS FUGAZI / MEDELLINSTYLE Sounds really good – RAMON TAPIA / PASO MUSIC lovely pack .. curves on the first listen – BROTHER’S VIBE It’s all good here, man. Nice job! – RICHARD ‚MERLYN‘ MARTIN / (SUBDIVISIONS RADIO SHOW – DIGITALLY IMPORTED RADIO) Surfaces is nice and Deep – thx! – RAPHAEL DINCSOY / H-PRODUCTIONS, MB ELEKTRONICS, ABSTRACT, LEHMANN CLUB deep stuff – TEKNOBRAT / OTTAWA RADIO SHOW / RADIO CARLETON CKCU 93.1 FM Corners & Surfaces do it for me !!!! Will Play, Will Support Thanks TEKNOBRAT (Restructured Recordings, CKCU 93.1 FM CANADA) – SHAWN CHRISTOPHER / DJ TIMES curves is dope – SASHA CARASSI (DRUMCODE) Support! – DJ FELIPE (FLEX VIENNA) Nice songs! – WNISTUDIO.CO.UK / AYEKO, TURQUOISE BLUE, DEEP & PROD, RUE DE PLAISANCE, SUPPLEMENT FATS, KGBEATS, OFF AND MORE very releaxed grooves. nice one – WESTRADIO.GR very good release! thanks – LAURENT N. / ATAVISME, HOUSE NATION RADIO Nice Ep with good tracks & super stuff. Will play & Full Support. – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW Nice. Will try. Thanks – MIK SANTORO / AMPISPAZI RECORDINGS ( LABEL OWNER ) , AMAZING RECORDS ( MUSIC MANAGER ) very nice ep, thanks – DJ JAVIMAR / DJ MAG SPAIN cool ep. thanks – PETER ADKINS / PETEADKINS.COM Lines is cool. Sounds like a very considered and crafted EP. – DAVIDE SIRI / IYEZINE Broque always comes out with fresh releases and it’s always a nice discovery to me ! – ITHINKX / EXCLAIM! Nice – NADJA LIND / LUCIDFLOW, SOMA, DARKROOM DUBS nice. thanks for the sounds – ANDREW WOWK / PULSE RADIO, INTHEMIX.AU „Edges“ has a nice old school house vibe to it. Will play on my radio show – ALEXTRUSK / DCODEDMAGAZINE docodedmagazine.com approves! :) – LOUK / 24/7 MAGAZINE, CORE MAGAZINE, EAT MUSIC FM, DIGITALLY IMPORTED – DI.FM Not for me thanks. – LISS C. / LC SERIES Quality work here! – JO PSARADOS AKA SINGLE MAN / WHITE LAB LTD, 1605, NEW REPUBLIK really nice tracks all them but not what im currently spin! thanks for sending – DUKES Class. – VIRULENT / ILL BOMB RECORDS, RE-KONSTRUKT, DYSTOPIAN RHYTHM Pretty good tech-house – 000 / AMAM, SLEEP IS COMERCIAL thank you – SAMMY W AND ALEX E / BUNNY TIGER, INCORRECT MUSIC, LOULOU RECORDS, 8BIT, TOBUS Nice work, thanks – DE LA SWING / ELROW BCN-IBZ /KER CLUB BCN/MONEGROS DESERT FESTIVAL Corners is the winner her , support ! – FRANCYS / HIGHWAY RECORDS, STREET KNOWLEDGE some intresting things, need to try this! – MICROSEVEN / DIGITAL FM – HRT RADIO OSIJEK Nice EP! Thanks DFM – JUAN SOTO / ELECTRIQUE MUSIC This is like a road trip made music. Really like this, congrats to Pop Booth – E DANCE EVENT / DJ MAG LA, MEDELLINSTYLE, E DANCE EVENT Full support. – JAVIER BENITEZ / FROM THE OTHER SIDE curves is nice . great melodies . i will play it – GARANCE ZARN / CADUCEUS Nice thanks!