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Have you ever heard of „THKC Radio“? Not? Well, no sweat. That’s the name of the radio show recorded by the 6 year old Ekkehard Miersch in his kids room. Of course, the show already came complete with a news section, adverts and traffic updates. And, already back then it offered a glimpse on the love of music which up until today still characterises Ekkehard’s music. Now, while Ekkehard alias eCe boas almost belongs to the group of 30-somethings, his production skills and setup have professionalised themselves, yet the charm and enthusiasm are the same as back then in the children’s room. With his first EP on Broque he creates a shining monument for exactly this fascination and passion for music. Equipped with a MicroKorg and digital support from his computer, it seems as if the ideas and melodies just splutter out of their musical mastermind. That’s best illustrated by the 6 new tracks on „THCK Radio“ which couldn’t be bothered to put themselves into the safe haven of a musical genre but simply do their very original own thing. Sure, living in the idyllic Baltic seaside holiday spot of Boltenhagen means that one doesn’t have to to care much about associating oneself with very particular and sophisticated scenes. You can just be yourself. And that’s excatly where eCe boas excels. In his tracks, playful electronica can be found side by side with swinging deep house/techno. Yet, song structures and melodies bind his music together and lead up to wonderful tunes like „I Love All The People“ which could as well have been a highlight on the recent Moderat album. And that’s meant as one of the biggest compliments to eCe boas‘ music, which excites us with all their open-minded enthusiasm for, well, let’s call it „electronic music“. And which reminds us in a very charming way of the fact that „no matter how old or cool you are, an empty loo roll will always be … a telescope“. Thank you Ekkehard.


  1. pianoman
  2. i feel better now
  3. future is for us
  4. aspirant
  5. i love all the people
  6. modern viking
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artwork by b3000, Munich
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