093 | bastien – equatorial connection

Bastien is based in Guayaquil, one of the biggest cities in Ecuador, and his reputation spreads already beyond the borders of South America. His accentuated and percussive house tracks underline his long-lasting love affair with club music over the last 15 years. Yet they also demonstrate his profession as mastering engineer through their more than just well-timed snares, hooks and baselines which all fall precisely into their position. The five tracks of the „Equatorial Connection“-EP combine deepness, highly functional perfectionalism and playful vibes into a soundtrack which wants nothing more than making you move, shake and bang your head. Bastiens tracks wouldn’t be the same though without the support of his buddies Jaramillo, Jose Wated, and Manuel Nuñez, who help to target his output straight at the dancefloor yet flirt with charming melodies. That is probably best documented by „Distracciones“ which might be the uncrowned hit of the EP with its rejoicing synths and frisky IDM-influenced house sound. Apparently, Bastiens sound is good for both body and brain.


  1. distracciones
  2. sin lola (with jose wated)
  3. still the same beat (with jaramillo)
  4. vernaza beats (with manuel nuñez)
  5. we are vernaza (with manuel nuñez)
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artwork by Peter Becker, Highflyer, Munich
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