089 | dml – munique 2

Dirk Lamprecht aka DML lives in Munich, a fact he seems to enjoy as suggested by his new „Munique 2 EP“ as well as its predecessor „Munique“ (both on Broque). The local influence presents itself not so much through the music itself – though being reminiscent of the past in its own sense, DML’s down-to-earth dub and dub techno couldn’t be farther away from folkloristic traditions – but through the subtle use of field recordings which reflect the specific vibes of individual Munich districts. This has nothing to do at all with local patriotism but only shows Dirk’s curiosity for the diversity of his hometown and the individual characteristics of its different neighborhoods. His new „Munique 2“ EP features five fantastic new tracks, which continue the concept of the predecessor release and create their very own vision of traditional dub techno standards, contemporary influences and local field recordings. Classic chords of „Nymphenburg“ meet deep dub techno („Dreimühlen“, „Klonk“), marching arpeggios („Westend“) or an almost ambient transcendence of „Oberföhring“, and develop a very original and well-deserved homage to Munich; an area which otherwise receives far less recognition within the respective circles than, for instance, Berlin Neukölln or even Cologne Porz.


  1. dreimuehlen
  2. westend
  3. oberfoehring
  4. laim (konk)
  5. nymphenburg
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artwork by  b3000, Munich
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some feedback:
PAUL BRTSCHITSCH schöne statdt das müchnen scheint mir, laim und nymphenburg wären meine favorisierten bezirke ;-) – FLORIAN MEINDL Oberfohring (wherever this is) and Dreimuhlen are really nice tunes – I love them! – THOMAS SCHUMACHER Brilliant release. My favourite so far this month. FULL support. – MARTINEZ Nice ep ! – STEPHAN BODZIN (SYSTEMATIC) chillled stuff in here, thanks! – PATRICK ZIGON lovely ep! – AXEL BARTSCH (SPORTCLUB MUSIC) nice parts of munic, not as clean as the center. – 2000 AND ONE (100% PURE, INTACTO) nice dubby tunes – SASHA Dreimuhlen is great – ADAM BEYER Laim is great – ROGER SANCHEZ Downloading to try out, thanks.. – SLAM cool label – thanx – DUBFIRE downloaded for Dubfire , thank you! – RICHIE HAWTIN downloaded for r hawtin – VIDAL cool opening dub vibes – ERGIN KARABULUT ok – M.PATH.IQ solid stuff, nice flavor. Westend might be the strongest toon. – BRUCE TANTUM Loving these! Good hybrid of deep techno and Moroder-esque synth-disco. Hot – PAUL DAILY So creative and fresh. Loving all 5 cuts. – BLEED considering for review – BENOÎT CARRETIER westend for me – JENS HOLMES Magnificent dub driven…we love it. Airplay and charting – MCD MAGAZINE / WTM RADIO SHOW another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – JORGE SAVORETTI great deep beats! – ECTOMORPH interesting fusions – KREDEPEDERSEN Dreimuhlen is just perfect! Love it.. Also dig Laim and Nymphenburg – MATTHIAS SPRINGER / PLASMIC SHAPE Awesome stuff , DML hits again the point! Review to Follow! – BILLY NASTY westend is nice – MAKOSSA (SWOUND SOUND VIENNA / RADIO FM4) solid stuff – MARTIN BÖTTCHER good – KRISTIAN HATTON Review soon @ Cyclic Defrost – PIG & DAN (COCOON) awesome tracks from Broque as usual – STEVE RACHMAD (MUSIC MAN, 100%PURE) Liam and Dreimuhlen are cool – FREQUENCIES.IT deep dubs – TOMAZ JANSSENS cool stuff… Dreimuhlen stands out. – DAN BERKSON & JAMES WHAT quality. like! – DANNY HOWELLS (GLOBAL UNDERGROUND) Laim baby!!! – BENNA SCHNEIDER dreimühlen + westend! – ALFRED BOS Nt the most original release on offer, yet solid and groovy. Brings a smile to my face, so what’s there to grumble about? Dreimuhlen is my favorite. – PEZZNER ( FREERANGE ) Dreimuhlen is very nice and I really am digging Nymphenburg. – BROTHER’S VIBE ALL good – Thanks! – (SUBDIVISIONS RADIO SHOW – DIGITALLY IMPORTED RADIO) Dreimuhlen & Oberfohring are sweeeet- thx! – JEFF ROLL Nice ARNAUD LE TEXIER Will try them out! – GRANT PATERSON Quality deep techno, with bags of atmosphere – plenty of bubbling and fizzing hypnotics – OKAIN AKA HANDY CRAFT Dreimuhlen great! – LUIS ROZALEN laim is my track here – GABRIELE GILLERI supported by differentgrooves.com – RAPHAEL DINCSOY laim for me – RIVA STARR nice n deep thx – ED (PRO-TEZ) dubby ! – HIPODROME oberfohring and dreimuhlen – VINCE WATSON Laim is excellent… – GARETH WILD Nice stuff ! – BLACK NATION RECORDS Oberfohring – DJ FELIPE (FLEX VIENNA) Nice tracks – JAMIE STEVENS (INFUSION) Another brillant Broque release. Solid EP this one.Massive support. – WERNER NIEDERMEIER nice. Konk’s in the box! – WESTRADIO.GR very good release! thanks – LAURENT N. Super release with nice sounds & atmosphere. Will play & SUPPORT !!! – ALEXX WOLFE this is really good ! – ANTON BANKS These are pretty good. Will use. – WILL KINSELLA Oberfohring for me. – OSCILIATOR RADIO SHOW Nice collection! – MARKO NASTIC Konk is great! – MERINO Cool deep techno, thanks – KEVIN ARNEMANN Great tracks, thanks – ZECAPX Very good release! – M.A.N.D.Y, BOOKA SHADE, DJ T. PROMO ASSISTANT will download. thank you for good music! – JOSE Great deep sound. Thx – DJ JAVIMAR It is very good, it has strength and that magic that attached to the first. Super. – SWITCHST(D)ANCE laim konk is nice – SIGNAL DELUXE (BLAQ RECORDS) real nice jams in here thanks!! – JONNY CRUZ / NO. 19, MY FAVORITE ROBOT, TOYS FOR BOYS, VAKANT, GENO classy eP will play for sure! – DJ HI-SHOCK / ADVANCED HUMAN (ELEKTRAX, SYNEWAVE, GYNOID AUDIO, AFFIN, NACHTSTROM SCHALLPLATTEN) Dreimuhlen is cool, will play, thanks, – SEPH Like Dreimuhlen and the first part of Laim! – GLENN MIDDLEDITCH Absolutely great e.p, will play for sure – thanks! – EXIUM thanks,not for me – DARREN QUAIL Oberfohring & Nymphenberg are nice. deeeeeep! – DEEPCHILD Loveliness with dub-icing! :D – DAVIDE SIRI Broque is one of my favourite labels in PullProxy’s roster. It brings to light a lot of previously unknown to me great artists and quality music !! and that’s always great mental and intelligent music ! This rich EP is really a great one! good job men ! – JAY EASTON great release – CALIN / TUNNEL FM Cool package guys, will checl out for Tunnel FM! Thank you :) – DAVID HUMO Oberfohring and Nymphenburg are nice – VERENA SZILLAT Westend & Laim are great! – RICK AIR cool. thanx – SOUNDEFFECT MAGAZINE cool stuff – NICKELLE Love the whole ep, will play all. thnx! – NADJA LIND Nymphenburg is lovely – will try this in my next chill out/dub sets – STEFAN TRETAU Oberföhring und Dreimühlen sind super! Nymphenburg lässts schön ausklingen