021 | cheslo – spring droids e.p.

Cheslo`s name in real life is Friedemann Lichtenthal. He is a true allround-talent. Born in Zittau, growing up in Dresden and Weimar, he was taught to play instruments at an early age. He always did a lot of painting and drawing too. Then came his first keyboard and an Atari with Cubase, followed by the discovery of Techno and Drum&Bass as an eleven year old, and a steady development of his other art forms. Cheslo also produced some music for the theater, but he is actually known from the Weimar radio station “Radio Lotte” and from different self organized events.Therefor, we are looking forward to enter the spring with five deep oldschool-housetracks and wish you lots of fun while downloading and listening.


  1. spring droids
  2. solar burn
  3. yelli
  4. mjidou
  5. mongodon real
  6. .zip-file


written & produced by cheslo

Artwork by Cheslo, Weimar