085 | blu – planet

Blaise Merino and Loïs teamed up as blu just under 2 years ago, but by then, both already had quite some musical history: one half of the duo (Blaise Merino) already played in several rock bands for more than 15 years, the other (Loïs) improvised electronic music since more than 10 years. Their joint debut album “Planet” (now out on Broque) allows them to combine their influences into a dreamy yet lively flow of old-fashioned and somewhat optimistic Electronica. The more traditional band-oriented influences gave way entirely to an unbelievable wealth of bright and joyful melodies which embrace their love of 80s synthesizer pop. Jamming groove boxes are combined here with a subtle French touch and prove that more traditional song structures and improvised jams can, indeed, perfectly go hand in hand. We are not just happy about a fantastic debut album on Broque, but look forward very much already right now to the upcoming live shows of blu.


  1. planet
  2. thelma
  3. la foret de l’ours
  4. elna
  5. perdido bulk
  6. soil
  7. pillow days
  8. nume
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artwork by b.4000, Munich
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