078 | praktika – without understanding

Broque’s latest discovery goes by the name of Jérôme Fouqueray, obviously is from France, and (heads-up: stereotype alert!) as such was inspired strongly by the legends of French electronic music. While Jean Michel Jarre and Jérôme’s Casio keyboard were the key sources of inspiration at the age of seven, they were replaced soon by the likes of Laurent Garnier or Agoria. Rooted in his DJ-ing experiences, one can hear very well in his tracks that he has a thing for classic Techno and likes to reprocess his personal history of Techno. Similar to his tracks for Cascabel or Verboten (both from France), his new EP for Broque “Without Understanding” is grounded in the heart of the Techno universe and wallows in darkly oscillating tales of nights on the dancefloor (“Without Understanding”, “Cold Wonderment”), while “Légère Addiction“ feasts on old memories of endorphin-soaked sun rises at after hours of the past. Juno 6 and Alec Troniq rework the tracks in their very own style and close this well-balanced and inspiring EP on Broque.


  1. without understanding
  2. cold wonderment
  3. légère addiction
  4. without understanding (alec troniq rmx)
  5. cold wonderment (juno6 rmx)
  6. Download .zip-file


artwork by Sarah Barnert, Munich
you can also use your favorite download store, track 4 not available for free download


some feedbacks:
Oliver Ho (Blueprint/Raudive/Meta) cool droney synths in COLD WONDERMENT – Sasha (Renaissance) without understanding sounds great – Slam (Soma Records) will try out thanx – Machines Are Funky Blog (Ibiza Voice/Resident Advisor) Not bad at all. Unpredictable, in a good way. – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records) cold w. sound great !! – Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique) Juno 6 mix is really original Nice vibe. – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) JUno 6 mix is really cool! – Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave) (John Selway & Tony Rohr/Tony Rohr) „Without Understanding“ is my jam! The Alec Troniq remix is ace too. – Jeff Roll (gradientmagazine.com) Excellent – The Bunker NYC Average – Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music) Juno 6 mix is quite nice. – Danny Howells (Global Underground) Really nice, will play! – Claude VonStroke (Mothership/Dirty Bird) DL for VonStroke – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) ‚Cold Wonderment‘ for me, both versions. thanks – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) nice mixes – MCD magazine / WTM radio show (MCD Magazine) soon another wtm’s playlist… – Zecapx (Swap Recordings) „Without Understanding“ is excellent. Thanks. – Laurent N. (Atavisme) Nice original tracks & remixes. Superb release. Will play & Support !!! – Amotz Tokatly (Punch Music) GREAT! – Niv Hadas (Bedrock) Juno 6 mix – ANALYTICTRAIL,FRANKIE,CMYK,LOOSE,MINIBUS nice pakcage. tnx. – DJ Nori (Posivision) Killa!! Alex Troniq mix for peak time set! Juno 6 mix is genius. – Electric Indigo interesting tunes! like the production but i’m not too much into the harmonies… – DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna) Great package! Full support! – Troy Pierce (Items & Things) juno 6 mix is nice – Jochen Ditschler (Groove Magazine) Intensive Technoromanzen wie „Legere Addiction“ gibt es generell nicht genug: Ein Hammer von einem Track! – Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) Thanks! Downloading. – Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow – Stephan Bodzin (Systematic) cold wonderment!!! what a track. full support for this one!!!! – DJ Mag (DJ Mag Germany/DJ Mag Charts) Techno for Life – Benna Schneider (Harry Klein) cool ep! first 2 tracks are my favs here – will play them! – Ergin Karabulut (Subculture Rhein-Main) oh yeah – Rebekah Aff (Night Owl) odd wonderment is oddly nice. – Luciano (Cadenza) Downloaded for Luciano! Thank you for the music . – teknology.free.fr/ radioshow As usual, quality from Broque camp. – Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto ) Without understanding (original) is the one for me, thank you! – Kevin Arnemann (Misc) Wow, Legere Addiction is beautifull! – Klaus Boss (HIFLY) ‚Cold Wonderment Juno 6 mix‘ is the one to go for here – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) (Patrick Bateman) I’m not feeling this release… – Antoine Caesar (Indeks Music) cold wonderment for me. tnx – TopDJ.ua / Kiss FM Ukraine Without Understanding sounds magic. Overall great solid EP. Will support. Thanks! – TopDJ, Mixmag.info, KissFM, DJam Newer heared about Praktika, but will play Without Understanding track in our radio-show. – Miniminds (Fling Recordings) Thanks – Simon Smith (Mothership) Really well produced ep. Enjoyed the Juno6 mix. – Rex Lam (Datatransmission) 1&2 are nice! – Roko (Sub.fm/B.O.M.B.) Cold Wonderment! Cool! – Music Matters (Pulse Radio) Average – Manchester Global Radio Yay, love this package! Weird and wonderful, really enjoyed Cold Wonderment, Without Understanding – nice job guys! – Gemma Furbank – Grant Paterson ( Edinburgh Evening News ‚The Guide‘) Great package, without Understanding build so well, Cold Movement has an excellent groove… really like this one – Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) Without understanding is a beast – Noice Podcast Series Juno 6 remix… – Expander (Sonic Culture) Weird but interesting – Sutekh will try ‚cold wonderment‘ – Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings) Without Understanding is MADNESS Love it – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) solid out of this earth sounding ep – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Woww!! Really nice, will play!!! – Docepulgadas Sorry not for me – Klubbers.com Today presents without understanding in we are syndicate… fantastic track. – Mik Santoro (Afrosoup) nice! – Different Grooves supported & noticed by differentgrooves.com – The-Zone.it nice works – Cédrik (Science Label) Weird but interesting – Samuel L. Session the juno 6 mix is my pick here, its like movie music with clubby beats,,, – Andre Gardeja cool techno stuff ! „cold wondermert“ remember me in old times – good job – thnx ! – Toni Rios (Cocoon Recordings) sorry nothing for me. thanx. – WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM (BLN.FM) for radio play, thanks. – Tim Thaler (3headz) Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin. – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) great tunes! I like – Alex (Electrosound.TV) Great again! Downloading for electrosound.tv – thank you. – Florian Demmer (BLN.FM) Some nice sounds on this one! Juno6 Mix my fav at first listening. Download for BLN.FM – Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Hideout) the juno6 mix is just great! – Nihad Tule (Drumcode) nice juno6 mix! – Abi Bah (H-Productions) cool stuff, lots of usefull trax for me – Calle Dernulf (P3 Dans Radio) Cold wonderment is a winner! Legere addiction and the remixes makes this i brilliant package! – Jamie Stevens (Infusion) wow! some killer tracks on here!! – Switch / Studio Brussel Good – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog Nice ep. Like cold wonderment  – Teknobrat / Ottawa Radio Show Without Understanding Original Mix + Alec Troniq mix are the strongest on this EP…. I rate this EP 7 on 10 Kind Regards Thomas „Teknobrat“ Stepien CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa, CANADA – Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!,) Juno6 remix is nice, without understanding Is also great! thanx – Vincent Kruijer (partyflock) Without Understanding, cool track. – DJ Jerome (Outland Records) not for me – Hipodrome Weird but interesting – Krede Pedersen Interesting .. Alec Troniq & Juno 6 mix in particular. – Matt Cooper (Respect Records) Cold Wonderment is awesome! And the Juno 6 for the slower hours… – Presuming Ed (Be At TV) good tracks! – Kirk Degiorgio Weird but interesting – Moif Murphy (Brap FM) Awesome -Without Understanding smashes it. – Roberto (Artform, Outland, Affin) nfm thanks – Mark Allain (Ministry Of Sound Radio) So Fresh, love this.. – Eleanor Chung (Bentwave Radio 89.1FM WNYU/Hidden Recordings) nice package all around…radio support! without understanding my fav. – Davide Squillace (Hideout/Davide Squillace ) Support ! – Xpansul (Ovum Recordings) Very good release. Strong, emotional… Thanks! – Raul (Clubbing Spain) Great release!! Soon in Clubbingspain.com – Reverselectro.com whole ep is excellent! very well done – Franco B ( Electronique.it/Dancity ) (Electronique.it) good for the dancefloor – Max M (M_Rec Ltd) Good – Dave DK juno 6 rmx, wow, support! – Ed Davenport (Falkplatz / NRK / Liebe Detail) juno 6 mix is beautiful – Amam/Poker flat/Cocoon cool one! – Richie Hawtin (Minus) download for r hawtin – Fredrik Nyberg (Trunkfunk) (Trunkfunk) Good – Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)) Without Understanding sounds good ! – Diversions on chry105.5fm Alec Troniq mix sounds ace! – Nerdy Frames Legere Addiction…mark it folks!