068 | himan – a story to tell e.p.

Eduardo Tavares alias Himan definitely has “A Story To Tell”. That is hard to miss when listening to his latest EP. After releases on Connaisseur, Kant and Safari, we are more than proud that our friend from Portugal now tells the story of his latest 5 tracks here on Broque. And there is a lot to tell apparently. Of Deep House, Prescription and string-driven Detroitromance as well as of nights danced away and sunrises, either over the sea or in the Panoramabar. That might be just down to the eye of the beholder.


  1. maggy
  2. i am because we are
  3. empire of the sun
  4. meet me again
  5. a story to tell
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artwork by TPS Nostromo, Munich
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some feedbacks:
Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings) Empire of the sun… Hypnotic, deep and sexy techno! – Monty Luke (Planet E) (Carl Craig) interesting cuts. – Laurent Garnier THis sounds simply brilliant – Pär Grindvik (Par Grindvik) feeling „empire..“ and „meet me again“ thanks! – Danny Howells (Global Underground) Some great downtempo stuff here for my longer sets, and some lovely after-hours cuts too. Many thanks! – Sven Hartmüller (Subculture Rhein-Main) empire of the sun is great – Raveline Empire of the sun; pure tribal. – Ruede Hagelstein (Upon You, Groove ) (Prinz) artless, timeless, good stuff. will play empire of the sun.. thanks – Electric Indigo maggy is interesting – wild mixture of tunes ;-) – Christopher Bleckmann (Niederflur) I love Maggy, but all in all really nice athmosphere throughout. – Jérôme Viale (Tsugi) wow, pure quality ! full support ! – Mark-Henning great production values – crunchy as hell! :) – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) not something i would normally play, but this is good stuff….meet me again has a great oldschool vibe and empire of the sun is really cool, might play this one, thanks! – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) Solid e.p loved meet me again and empire of the sun – Lauhaus sounds good. – Darko Esser ( Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn ) Great EP, ‚Meet Me Again‘ is fantastic! – Secret Cinema Empire rules with me! Meet me is cool too! – Krikor (Tigersushi, Kill The DJ) Maggy is nice! – Jimpster ( Freerange ) Love the sound of A Story To Tell. something a bit special for sure. – Slam (Soma Records) interesting and cool – playing – Metope (Areal, IRR, Beachcoma) (Metope) nice – Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe) fresh stuff! empire! – Martin Eyerer meet me again please…. – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) Fantastic ‚Meet Me Again‘, with no doubts, my track on this ep. – Lilith i have been following himan for a while now…… always amazing sounds. – The Badgers Meet me again is Our Pick, Superb Track, We’ll spin it this Winter to fight the cold. – SQware Wow… These five tracks definitely sound like a movie soundtrack! A classy touch here and there, it gives the feeling that Himan decided to reconsider the nineties with today’s insight. Great job! – Oliver Schories (Parquet / Ostwind) Another great EP from Himan, love his work. „Empire of the Sun“ and „Meet me again“ will definitely make it into my playlist. 100% support!! – Shlomi Aber The Broque ep is quality, great bass on empire of the sun. one more for the collection – DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) nfm – Derek Taylor (Tilllate Magazine) Empire of The Sun and Meet Me Again and the ones for me! Nice driving techno Cheers Derek – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) pretty coool. Like maggy – MCD magazine / WTM radio show yep – DJ Nori (Posivision) DEEP! Empire of the sun : dirty groovy;-) – Piotr Nowicki (Laif/Creamfields Poland/Clubber.pl) Good – Chris Liebing (CLR) Downloading – Rapha (Partysan Raum Neckar) Good – Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow – Luciano Esse Absolutely amazing EP…. superb work! Full support!!! – Landschall finde das album wirklich klasse. zeitlose tracks, schön roh und groovy, top! – DML jawoll! gefällt mir sehr gut, die ep. allen voran natürlich empire of the sun: genau meine kragenweite. 4 und 5 sind auch top. dankeschön! – Tobias Henecker (ZYX) I Am Because We Are und empire of the sun gefällt mir ganz gut! thx – Gabriel Le Mar cheerz mate – very nice ep – alle tracks treffen ins Schwarze ;-) wünsche damit bestes Gelingen + liebe Grüße – Alec Troniq Maggy really pricks up my ears. This sounds like real love. Reminds me to Moby somehow, with its vocals and the warm synths. Anyway great! I Am Because We Are: What a start, what a keen bassdrum. These house chords are a bit worn out at the moment, but nice though. In the end the track gets back to its really interesting sound, which i like. Empire Of The Sun: a prime example of deep techno for me – with a touch of the 90s. Could put someone in a state of trance. Meet Me Again: Honestly sounds too ordinary for me. A Story To Tell: This is sooo cute! Like strolling on a spring meadow. All in all the first and the last track are encouraging rays of hope for me, love em! Even though i will skip the mid tracks it’s a refreshing and well produced release. – Anton Sever Sorry but not for me this time ;-) – Werner Niedermeier Abstract EP. Like“ Meet Me Again“. Detroit romance is a a nice description for it. Thanks – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) Empire is cool. – DR Radio Overall high quality! – Mark EG (Tilllate Magazine) really love maggy! – Stuart Millar i think empire of the sun is my fav – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Outstanding music here!! Will chart and play!!! – X-Press 2 Average Sean-Michel Yoder (Big Shot Magazine/VinylJunkieRecords.blogspot.com/rob szepesi (365mag.com)) I like the noisy rawness of Empire of the Sun. – Ectomorph maggy is interesting – Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) Empire Of the Sun & Meet me Again , supportin !! – Nino (Altroverso) AIRPLAY IN ALTROVERSO RADIO – Different Grooves empire of the sun, FANTASTIC!!meet me again is a deep tech tune, playing those for sure. article: – Anthony Collins (Curle, Mule, Vakant) nice stuff – Arnaud Le Texier Empire of the sun I remember this one ;-) The version is good now!!! I like meet me again too! – Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) i like empire of the sun! – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Exellent!!! Empire of the Sun & Story to tell, Thanks! – Philipp Bullwein (De:Bug) empire of the sun – pumpin business! – DJ MPLeary (Raveline) will check this…thx – Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for r hawtin – Andre Gardeja emporer of the sun… hypnotic techno stuff…great ! – D.Diggler (Liga Elektronika, Level Non Zero) „Empire of the Sun“ & „Meet me again“ !! BIG STUFF ! – Toni Rios sorry nothing for me. – Radio Quintessenz empire of the sun for me! – Radio Fritz Good – Gel Abril empire of the sun for me! – teknology.free.fr/ radioshow Empire Of The Sun is the bomb ! Meet me again very good too. Broque never deceive. – DJ Montana (Club Basement.net ) (Sputnik) Empire of the Sun = rating 9/13 good intencity. – Xhin Proper. – Space DJz really check for Meet Me again reminds me of an old retroactive release but new .. good work – Gavin (Gavin Herlihy) Like the tense classic techno vibe of Empire of the Sun – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records) , really stands out as different thanks! – Dave Martin Nice ep – would prefer to hear an album of this stuff Thanks Dx – Tedd Patterson great tracks! love „empire of the sun“ full support! – DJ Tronic Not bad, fairly chill tech offerings. Empire of the Sun is the track for me. – Danny Tenaglia thanx!! – Paul Daily (DJ Times) Empire of the Sun is UNREAL….one of the best tracks I have heard in YEARS. So EFFING good. – Kate Simko (Spectral Sound) Empire of the Sun is sexy, will play. – (Subdivisions Radio Show – Digitally Imported Radio) Like the deep grooving „Empire of the Sun“ Love „Meet me Again“- Solid – Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave) (John Selway & Tony Rohr/Tony Rohr) Weird but interesting – Elon Admony Empire of the sun and meet me again are great, will play, thanks !! – Sam Gracie (Resonant Vibes) Enjoying Empire and Meet Again. – Frequencies.it Empire of the sun will rule any dancefloor! – DJ Fra (Nitsa) Awesome!!!!!!!!! – Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) Empire Of The Sun is nice – Micropunto very nice ep – Tadeo Timeless, sexy, superb, Empire of the Sun – Docepulgadas GOOD MIXES, TOTALLY SUPPORTED! – Lenny Ibizarre (DJ Awards) deep deep – Boshke Beats Records (Alex (Boshke Beats Records)) very good releqase, interesting and diverse, empire of the sun is my fav here! – Rapha (Partysan Raum Neckar) Good – Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) (Mobilee) Empire of the Sun has that funk, support! – Tim Schäfer (Zitty/030 Magazin) thx – Beaner (Bar25/3 Good Doctors aka Agaric, Ed Davenport & Beaner) meet me again is great. – Axel Fischer (On-3 Radio ( Bayrischer Rundfunk )) i like maggy. sexy. – Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) (Ostgut Ton) very interesting package at all – gonna play empire of the sun for sure! – Plastic Lounge @ Freies Radio Freudenstadt Empire of the Sun ist mein favorite – Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) (Axel Bartsch) great as always! – Dein-Plan-B.de Not exactly my cup of tea but interesting though. ;) – On3 Radio, Grenzfrequenz M94.5 (On-3 Radio ( Bayrischer Rundfunk )) Excellent stuff on Broque again. „Maggy“ and „Story To Tell“ stick out to me. Thanks for this one! – Byte.fm (Deutschland Radio) Maggy is one great track! – Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings) Empire of the Sun is cool, liking the downtempo vibes too – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) alle 5 sind gut geworden, muss es mir nochmal in ruhe anhören um wirklich alle feinheiten raus zu hören… aber kommt in die sendung.. – Joel Alter (Room With A View/Sweatshop) Empire of the sun is good. – Dave Turov (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/Pullproxy) Empire of the sun is stunning! – ed2000 (BLN Fm) empire stands out but all trax r quality . its number 3 tho for me – Radio Z ok – Tim Thaler (3headz) for radio play, thanks. – Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) thanks. will let you know if someone pitches a review. – Adeline Supreme some good track in there! – Garnica (Trenton, Radio LAE) empire of the sun is ace! – basso.fi Radio Empire Of The Sun and Meet Me Again are the stand out tracks here with a groove that’ll surely work the dancefloor (Empire) and deepness for the soul (Meet Me Again). nice. – Samuli Kemppi (Prologue) Good tracks, but not really stuff that I play. – Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) The background loop of „Empire of the sun“ is sampled from something well known, just can’t put my finger on it… – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Wow! Pure quality! – Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!,) Empire of the sun is the 1 here for me!!, nice track – Ellesmere Dave empire of the sun …. & meet me again both phat tracks ! – Deetron Empire of the Sun and meet me again are really nice, will play.