066 | information ghetto – applause phenomena e.p.

It has been exactly 2 years now, since Clapan alias Dennis Korsunski to release a very successful EP on Broque under the Information Ghetto moniker. However, the man from the Black Sea coastal town of Krasnodar moved on, and advanced his sound massively, as proven by Clapan’s last release „Native Elements“. The new tracks are more sophisticated and even deeper. While the guy clearly heads for the dancefloor here, the remix from another well-known Broque artist – Less alias „More Places“ – tops it all off and shines with a perfect balance of melody and groove.

After our not quite consequently implemented summer break, we are happy to welcome you back and look forward to the upcoming months in 2010.


  1. about chords
  2. applause phenomena (feat. modul)
  3. applause phenomena (less remix)
  4. old school support
  5. snow report
  6. Download .zip-file


artwork by gina friedrich / eskimoland.de , Nürnberg
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 Bonus Live Set by Information Ghetto aka Clapan: My Siren Dub


some feedbacks:
Darko Esser (Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn) Good stuff here, I am loving Snow Report. For the special moments! :) – Ellesmere Dave interesting compositions envoking all kinds of emotions … not for my floor but a nice one for the headphones – 2000 And One (100% Pure, Intacto) Download for 2000 And One. Thanks! – Derek Taylor (Tilllate Magazine) Really liking both mixes of Applause Phenomena and Snow Report. Lovely synths used in them Cheers Derek – Per Bojsen – Moller (Little White Earbuds) Some really good, off-kilter business here. Nice EP – Chris Power (BBC) Nice stuff. – The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth) good sound designing, clean productions.. 6/10 – Chris Finke Interesting tracks here – Steve Parry about chords is cool – Slam (Soma Records) cool label – another moody release – support – DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) sophisticated – Echologist (Steadfast) (Echologist) cool dubby techy dj tools. – DJ Tronic About Chords is a great deep techy track. Also really like Applause Phenomena. – Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) Great experimental grooves. Loving about chords and snow report – Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL]/Stompy.com/Tweekin Records) like this deep abput chords track – Gradient Magazine Loving Applause Phenomena Feat. Modul – reminiscent of Holden… – Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ) sorry for the late response on this. heady stuff… im diggin it. fave is the title track (original) but snow report is really nice too. – Tedd Patterson Very creative. „applause…“ gets my vote. nice – Skoozbot (Minus) nice to hear something different! – Danny Tenaglia thanx!!! – Electric Indigo ah, i l.o.v.e. these bass lines! excellent, very special release. – Dan Sykes (vivamusicstudios.com) old cool support is fantastic – Arnaud Le Texier applause phenomena feat modul is nice – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Deep stuff! Love it! – Jean-Patrice Remillard cool ep, will play – Mooseka Radio nice release! good stuff – Different Grooves deep & sexy sound, supporting – Nino (Altroverso) airplay in altroverso radio – Frequencies.it applause phenomena is really emotional, the best way to meet the dawn! – Soundrevolt.com I’m gonna have a hard time choosing one track for my radio show. Most of them are great! – DJ MPLeary (Raveline) not for me – James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge) good stuff, snow report fav thanks – Michael (Metope) Very nice. – Byte.fm (Deutschland Radio) Less Mix is good! – Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow – Toni Rios sorry, nothing for me. – Falko Brocksieper (The Result/Sub Static) all really special tracks, loving the mood & the sound. i also remember playing with him in divnomorsk by the black sea few years back.. good times ;) – Joel Alter (Room With A View/Sweatshop) Snow report is cool! – Radio Z cool minimalism – Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings) Weird but interesting – Ed Davenport ( Gumption / Liebe*Detail / Leftroom) (3 Good Doctors aka Agaric, Ed Davenport & Beaner) clever beats. old cool support is my pick! – The Freaks Radio Great vibes, dubby noizes. Modul is the best for me – Marcus Vector ( Toys For Boys / Tuning Spork ) great electronic music! – Samuli Kemppi (Prologue) 1 and 5 are ok. Nice spacey stuff. – Tomas Barfod ( aka Tomboy, WhoMadeWho / Get Physical ) beautiful – Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) i like the jamaican feel! nice trax – Del Jardin Latino Really nice work! Thanks! – Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto ) absolutely in love with Snow Report and Oldschool support is also nice, thanks! – DJ Magazine Ukraine russians goes techno – The Freaks Radio Great vibes, dubby noizes. Modul is the best for me – Xavier Morel (Posivision) classy minimal duby stuff!!!! – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Weird but interesting – Dean Facer (Our House Magazine) nice…. really feeling „Snow Report“ – Roko (Sub.fm/B.O.M.B.) definately some good material for my hang-over-hour radio show!! lovely sounds – Machines Are Funky Blog (Resident Advisor) Haunting stuff. Some nice noises and great attention to detail, but overwrought in parts. – Leeds Music Scene Very interesting, will review. – Subdivisions (Global Radio Show) Love the melody with restraint of „Applause Phenomena feat Modul – Solid – Rex Lam (Datatransmission) Both the cover artwork and the tracks are very nice – Mitch Davis (Beats and Beyond) A very classy ep. 9/10 Mitch Davis (Electric Sheep Records) – Sam Allman (FWD) cool, dark stuff. love the last track – Echologist (Steadfast) (Echologist) cool dubby techy dj tools. – [a]pendics.shuffle cool release all around! really diggin this label lately. Thanks! – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) good package here! i’m diggin them all! – Expander (Sonic Culture) Very Nice moody dub techno tracks. – Chris Widman i like the lush melodies of snow report. – Someone Else (Foundsound/Butane + Someone Else) pretty good, yo! – WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM moody and cool tunes. very nice – Vidal (Acid Circus/Droid Recordings) kinda weird but kinda cool. old cool support is my choice. – Noice Podcast Series average…. like old cool support – Elon Admony fresh, elegant, deep… great ep here! – Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) (Dustin Zahn) the release is ok but I love the artwork – Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music) Slick stuff. Will play About Chords and Applause Phenomena during my more techno-oriented sets. – Barry O’Donoghue (Bodytonic) not for me this – XFM Dublin / No Territory Show good deep stuff. 5 snow report wins…thanks – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) nice dubby tracks – Jean Yves Leloup (Tsugi) „Applause Phenomena Feat. Modul“ is a very delicate, melodic and original track. I’ll try to follow this artist. I’ll try to play it at The Rex Club in Paris for the launch of the electronica Quad Parties. – MCD magazine / WTM radio show i’ll be back next week – DSinc Radio lovely produced ep – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog Like applause phenomena best. – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) only ‚Applause Phenomena Less mix‘ for me. – Docepulgadas great sounds! – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) Good stuff for opening my set, – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Snow Report!!! – Lenny Ibizarre (DJ Awards) Brilliant! Finally somebody with balls. This made my day. Death to mediocracy! – Xpansul (Ovum Recordings) Nice and unsual stuff. Will play for sure! – DJ Nori (Posivision) feel good! snow report is cool!! – Joseph Capriati (ANALYTICTRAIL,FRANKIE,CMYK,LOOSE,MINIBUS) nice release,will try it out! – The-Zone.it so deep! love this athmospheres! – Boshke Beats Records (Alex (Boshke Beats Records)) Super ambience , great music approach with a character, different and diverse, very interesting, so far the title track is my favorite… support! – DJ MPLeary (Raveline) not for me – Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral Sound) LOVING ‚Applause Phenomena‘ and ‚Old Cool Support‘ but the whole thing is really nice! – Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) (Mobilee) nice creative release! – Berlin Mitte Institut We like the dense athmosphere in every track. – Tom Asam (Titel Magazin) deeeeep! – Troy Pierce (Minus) great tracks, really like 4/5 the best. – Radio Quintessenz awesome deep stuff! – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) wie immer ne sehr gute auswahl der labelverantwortlichen! weiter so! – Tim Thaler (3headz) for radio play, thanks. – ed2000 (BLN Fm) back for a retry . love the deep dub vibe – support – Radio Fritz Good – D.Diggler (Liga Elektronika, Level Non Zero) support ! – Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)) interesting ! – Medellinstyle This release have a cool signature sound into something manageable enough to truly adapt to all of his musical tastes. FULL SUPPORT! – teknology.free.fr/ radioshow Never deceived with Broque… Full support. – Switch / Studio Brussel not for me – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) Player is again causing me problems… but seems like track 1 and 5 are super cool! – DJ Montana (Club Basement.net ) (Sputnik) track 1 and 5 are way the coolest, rating 10/13. thanks a lot, morten – HalfStereo.com Very good sound. Dub at it’s best. Like the base. Will play.