002 | tomtomgroove – audible bread e.p.

As already on Polyfon Rec. we would like to begin our release row with DJ TomTom Groove. The Thuringian living in Berlin became well known during his times with the „Partyersatzamt“. Meanwhile the „record-player“, who has already participated at the Red Bull Music Academy, almost lives for his music, which can be described as American style house & techno. You can hear him in small Berlin music bars, because there he can give his audience the possibility of feeling his music and can give himself the possibility of being in the middle of it all. Concerning our release we have chosen 5 cute housetunes, which we’re presenting now.


  1. trumpetized
  2. outa space funk
  3. new flat
  4. ahaha!
  5. so glad
  6. .zip


written & produced by tomtom groove