065 | clapan – native elements [liveset]

Right, we are on a summer break. But Broque.de wouldn’t be Broque.de, if we would not always be up for an exemption from the rule. Thus, here we are glad to present one exclusive and wonderful live set from Clapan, one of the guys behind Information Ghetto, which also serves as a teaser for the upcoming Information Ghetto release. Enjoy the music and let it be your company for the summer:


„NativeElements is a live improvisation recorded in real-time by Clapan aka Denis Korsunski using a set of interactive technologies designed by himself during the past 10 years. This live performance features a huge number of interesting solutions and approaches to the music creation. Throughout, this recording can be treated as a very versatile and fantastic world of unusual musical forms, capable of shaping a sound space that enables every listener to find him-/herself outside the everyday sound environment on a meditative level. Rhythmic figures and unexpected deep analogue textures are naturally organised in fairly original musical ideas, which slide on the verge of experimental electronic and plunge us into a world of passion for new technologies.“ [Clapan]



clapan – native elements [live set]