063 | werner niedermeier – about e.p.

Just after releasing the successful „Mind Loss EP“ on Broque.de together with Gareth Whitehead, Werner Niedermeier follows up on it with his latest EP „About“. The new release captures the many sleepless nights which are just a consequence of the frequent output (for example on Nummer, Supplemental or Sweat Lodge) by the producer who moved to London. And, as if his music wouldn’t be enough, on this EP he is joined once again by some new and some well-known mates: Damian Pevy alias Gumbo Jones from England is a Funk as well as Jazz musician and plays bass, piano and drums. Together with Werner Niedermeier they follow a completely fresh approach to music: electronic, cheerful, and improvised. Berlin-based Freund der Familie convert the title track into a deep and groovy drum&bass track, while Juno6 – well-known from Liebe*Detail and Freude am Tanzen – simply merges all tunes into a brilliant musical résumé.


  1. about
  2. tribal farm
  3. werner niedermeier & gumbo jones – fun-k
  4. juno6 atila mix
  5. about (freund der familie remix)
  6. Download .zip-file


artwork by b.4000, Munich
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some feedbacks:
Slam (Soma Records) interesting package – especially with the remixes – Juno 6 mix most playable – Dave Martin About and Juno 6 are the ones I’ll play out but the whole ep is very cool. Thx DxM – Luke Slater (Planetary Assault Systems) quirky! j6 potential on deep – Machines Are Funky Blog, Resident Advisor Like ‚Juno 6‘ and the original version of ‚About‘ here. The rest is maybe a little too self-consciously quirky. – Roko (Sub.fm/B.O.M.B.) have to agree the juno 6 mix is really doin it! – Elia Pace What an odd little release. Odd in a good way though! Like the summery weirdness of the first 3 tracks and nice to hear a bit of drum n bass as I don’t listen to much these days. Juno 6 is my fave track on this release. – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) Juno 6 mix is nice! – Someone Else (Foundsound/Butane + Someone Else) track 1 is nice. – Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music) I love Tribal Farm and the Juno 6 mix! – Danny Tenaglia thanx!! juno 6 sounds good!! – Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) Nicely put together. Funkly!!! Supporting!! – Vidal (Acid Circus/Droid Recordings) juno 6 is cool. not sure if i can use the rest – Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL]/Stompy.com/Tweekin Records) tribal farm for me – Leonard Posso (Thema) Nice and bouncy EP, Juno 6 for me. Like the depth lurking in btwn that one… – Danny Howells (Global Underground) Sounds great, will be giving „About“ a play out. Will properly investigate the rest too – thank you. – Miss Kate (Foundsound) refreshing and listenable. liking 1 and 6. – Dubfire thanks – Noice Podcast Series Tribal Farm here…. had to chase a Cow with a Head dress on…… : ) – Piratecat / Gridlock nice sounds! – DJ Fra (Nitsa) fresh stuff – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) only Juno6 does for me. – Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 ) thank you – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) cool package! – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) Another quality release from werner, a true master of the groove and the funk, love the loose groove in the atila mix also – Xpansul (Ovum Recordings) Track 4 is great. Will play – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) not really for me – Anthony Collins (Curle, Mule, Vakant) nice stuff – Laurent Garnier will play „about“ – MCD magazine / WTM radio show hello – Arnaud Le Texier Juno 6 & Freund remixes for me – DSinc Radio My little finger tells me it’s a great „oh!yeah!“ approach ) – Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) nice juno 6 mix! – Dj Mag Italy good – Nino (Altroverso) airplay in altroverso – The-Zone.it SOUNDS COOL – Posivision / Remix Japan great release!! juno 6 atila mix is killa. – Electric Indigo fun-k would be my pick here. – Jerzy Przezdziecki (Recognition Records/Boshke Beats Records/Jurek Przezdziecki) i really like the „Tribal Fram“. nice groove and interesting consonant, harmony. percussion with the feelings. „Fun-k“ sounds really nice too. reminds Matthew Herbert’s works but it’s a great benchmark, isn’t? – DJ MPLeary (Raveline)not my sound…. – Richie Hawtin (Minus) Download for Richie Hawtin – Beaner (Bar25/3 Good Doctors aka Agaric, Ed Davenport & Beaner) juno6 mix, alta! – James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge) full support!!! – Timo Maas (Cocoon Recordings) juno 6 sounds cool – Joel Alter (Room With A View/Sweatshop) Like the Juno 6 mix. – Radio Z well done, but not really my taste – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) fun-k ist der hammer! – Patrick Ressler nice – D.Diggler (Liga Elektronika, Level Non Zero) Support for tribal farm ! – Tim Thaler (3headz) for radio play, thanks. – pierre Juno6 never disapoints me ! – teknology.free.fr radioshow Tribal Farm and Juno 6 are the ones for me. – Jean-Patrice Remillard Lovely grooves! Great stuff – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Not for me thanks! – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Minimal and funky – Secret Cinema funky stuff! – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) not for me.. – Thomas Barfod ( aka Tomboy, WhoMadeWho / Get Physical ) great ep – like the more lofi sound – DJ Montana (Club Basement.net ) (Sputnik) 1 7/13 2 6/13 3 5/13 4 8/13 best track 5 cool 7/13 – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records) weird and wonderful thanks – Ill-ec-tronic blog Nice wobbly house sounds here on „about“. Good warm up stuff. Tribal farm sounds good too, nice beats. and a great sub. Will get some plays for sure. – Per Bojsen – Moller (Little White Earbuds) interesting and fresh throughout, really enjoy Tribal Farm and Juno 6 – Leigh Morgan ( Urban Torque ) not for me – Chris Finke Really Juno 6 is the one! – Drowned In Sound Quite like About and Juno 6. Not that into this, though. – Edinburgh Evening News ‚The Guide‘ Interesting stuff… Tribal Farm & Juno 6 are the ones for me. Cool Package, I like. – DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) not for me – Theclubbing.com I like the groove of About – Technasia Average – Frequencies.it Juno 6 sounds good – Clara Moto cool, i like the whole EP! – Tim Schäfer (Zitty/030 Magazin) funky. thx – Toni Rios sorry not for me – Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow – Ruben Jonas Schnell (Byte.fm) Good – Mark-Henning funk-k is very cool – Adeline Supreme love 1-3. – Northern Rivers Echo / The Indoor Sessions gotta love the broque gear! – Garnica (Trenton, Radio LAE) tracks 1 and 5 are really my stuff! merci!  Switch / Studio Brussel Juno 6 mix has a good groove going! – Eric Bordes-Tosolini great musical work – Cian Ó Cíobháin (An Taobh Tuathail – RTE RnaG radio, Ireland) Tribal Farm’s bells, whistles and ambience is the first to the finishing line in this package. – Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) Juno 6 mix will be great for the deeper sets! – Diversions on chry105.5fm love the JUNO6 mix! – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog I like tribal farm best. Freund der Familie mix is good too. – DR Radio Will download Funk and play if the production is good. – HalfStereo.com nice one from niedermeier. – Tim Green (Dirtybird/Cocoon/Get Physical) juno 6 mix is great!! – The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth) 7/10 – Dave Congreve (Repeat Repeat) really cool, individual and quirky ep. really like juno 6 mix and about. – Bass music blog interesting stuff although not really likely to find its way into my bag. juno 6 mix is good tho – Data Transmission (Datatransmission) juno 6 remix is lovely…really nice. – Fwd DJ (FWD) funky stuff – Seth Troxler all really individual i like that. – [a]pendics.shuffle very nice release all around. – Alexi Delano (Alexi Delano Limited/Clink Recordings/Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch/Truesoul) Will play! – WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM like the about (freunde der familie mix) – John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway & Tony Rohr/John Selway) fresh, strange and musical grooves. – Drumcell (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) Weird but interesting – Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings) BRILLIANT AS ALWAYS – Klubbers.com one of the best works of the year. Great! sure will play in a radio show! – Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) Tribal Farm is my type of music – Boshke Beats Records (Alex (Boshke Beats Records)) Interesting weirdo house, my fav. is About and Juno6 mix, thank you – Radio Fritz nice – Butane (Alphahouse/Butane + Someone Else/Crosstown Rebels) excellent. – Ana (Harry Klein) dope – Radio X Beautiful funky mit Spleen. Herrliche Samples/FieldRecordings. 2 = Hymne zur WM. – Ed Davenport ( Gumption / Liebe*Detail / Leftroom) (3 Good Doctors aka Agaric, Ed Davenport & Beaner) cool unique sounding grooves from werner! ace :) – Plastic Lounge @ Freies Radio Freudenstadt Sounds good! – Byte.fm (Deutschland Radio) solid tunes – Radio Campus Brussles i like the juno 6 and the mutant hip hop sounding fun-k very much weird shit is good for u !! – Nicolas Duvoisin ( Fantastic Friends ) about is really nice will play it!