062| broque.de – minikollektion

It’s definitely time for us from Broque.de to, once again, live up to our name which is founded creating legendary versatile compilations. And since we have quite a lot single tracks floating around, which deserve being part of a joint release, we happily present you this small but colourful collection: we start in Paris with the Band from Matthieu Cairon & Raphaël Richard „Au fond du car“, who are about to release an EP on Rec72 soonish. This is followed by a track from the album „hirn se ma zu“ from hirnsalbe alias Carsten Buch and Thomas Fuchs out of Fulda, and the debut of Lenar „Lenares“ Sukhov from Ufa/Russia. Afterwards, we jump to Barnsley in England where Adrian Collier and Shaun Herbert are at work under the moniker Auto-Pilot. Landschall from Swabia who is well-known from Broque.de once again recorded his track live, analogue and in real-time, while SQware out of France form the finale with their headbanger. One small compilation. Music as colourful as international at once.


  1. au fond du car – n y city
  2. hirnsalbe – strandspaziergang
  3. lenares – dreams tape
  4. auto-pilot – in heaven
  5. landschall – hazuky
  6. sqware – hyde
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artwork by PILOTEN IN JUMBOJETS, Munich
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some feedbacks:
Garnica (Trenton, Radio LAE) auto-pilot is cool! – Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto ) Weird but interesting – Speedy J (Collabs feat Chris Liebing & Speedy J/Collabs feat. George Issakidis & Speedy J/Electric Deluxe) hello ipod! great listening! – Joris Voorn (Green) Different, great for radio and compilations! – Dancefield PR, media & marketing (Felix Kröcher) Interessanter Sound. Werde es an Felix weiter leiten. – Clara Moto nice diversity on this compilation!like it very much – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Not for me, thanks! – Slam (Soma Records) liking „In Heaven Auto pilot“ and „Hazuky Landschall“ – cool release – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records) straight in the listening box, liking it – Edit-Select (Ostgut Ton/Edit Select) danke will be playing landschall for a long time:) timeless electronica , – Jamie Anderson Landschall’s track is the one for me – all are outstanding!! – Dave Martin Freaky stuff indeed. Like it a lot. Dreams Tape is great. DxM – X-Press 2 Ok. Not amazing though sorry. – Nic Fanciulli Sorry, not for me – The Black Dog On the download, good to hear something that doesn’t sound like it was made to get in Beatports top ten – more of this please. – Blind Spot on 103.2 Preston FM* thanks – Roko (Sub.fm/B.O.M.B.) summery vibes! love it! – Per Bojsen – Moller (Little White Earbuds) Incredibly solid from start to finish, highly individual tracks that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd – Edinburgh Evening News ‚The Guide‘ Some interesting stuff here, Landschall is the one for me though! – Clubbed up Cool package – Ed Mackie (Bass Instinct Magazine) really love hazuky landschall, great production on this ep :) – DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) nfm – Gradient Magazine Quality release boys…Jeff Roll – Emerson Todd ( Dirtybird, Get Digital) not for me sorry – Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ) like the autopilot and landschall the best. really nice stuff there – Ectomorph the Lenares and Landschall cut bear deeper listening, and that Sqware cut is a fun wild one – Vidal (Acid Circus/Droid Recordings) hazuky landschall and hyde sqware are my picks. – Seth Troxler i really like ny city – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) these are tracks i most likely wouldn’t play in my sets but it’s a very cool release!! – John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway & Tony Rohr/John Selway) haha I’m gonna try „ny city“ out on some unsuspecting New Yorkers one night and see what happens ;) also „hazuky is quite nice. – Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) really into hazuky Landschall…..Thanks for these! – Noice Podcast Series – Landschall’s track is the best here… but a really nice and varied compilation… 8/10. – Alexi Delano (Alexi Delano Limited/Clink Recordings/Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch/Truesoul) Great music, will try some out on some rooftop party in New York City for sure!! – Danny Howells (Global Underground) Great variety of awesome music .. some nice listening stuff and a few for club too – perfect! – Drumcell (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) i like the Hyde Sqware track.. the rest are not for me – Silent Servant (Sandwell District) ny city is awesome>>>> nice record>>>>> – Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL]/Stompy.com/Tweekin Records) lots of cool tracks will use hauzuky for the floor – David Colkett good – Lele Sacchi interesting, but not for me – The-Zone.it good! we play it on radio! – Nino (Altroverso) i like it and i will play some tracks in my alternative selection – MCD magazine / WTM radio show yep ! – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) bit hard for me but nice – Anthony Collins (Curle, Mule, Vakant) ho yes i really like thissssssss – Laurent Garnier perfect for my radio show –will present – Arnaud Le Texier Hazuky is nice – Chronique Electronique Chroniques Electroniques – Agoria (Infiné) sounds interesting, will listen to it more carefully. – DSinc Radio Superbe ep & Landschall president – Liability Webzine Good – Theclubbing.com Weird but interesting – Krikor (Tigersushi, Kill The DJ) ny city is nice, hyde is fun, the rest makes me sleep – Radio Beton For this „Minikollektion“ , Broque records make a rather nice compilation, between Electronica, Folk lo-fi ; Techno … – Jonas Kopp (Curle) Ideal to hear at home with friends . Thanks – Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) interesting release :) nice to hear stuff like this – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) definately interesting, original sound;) – Davide Squillace (Hideout/Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti/Davide Squillace ) Love it!!! – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) great package!!! – Jaumëtic cool compilation – Posivision / Remix Japan a variety of album, feel relax;-) hyde sqware is great twisted tune! – Hans Kulisch (Skug) nice song names – Christian Davidek (Fm4) Lightning strikes. What the hell is going on. NY City is already the craze, cant wait to hear the other tracks. Sincerely hope not to be disappointed. – Steffen (Play.fm) great tracks! like to play: 2,4,5 !! – Electric Indigo sweet compilation! my faves are ny city and dreams tape. – Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine) broque always roques! – Sven Hartmüller (Subculture Rhein-Main) review to follow – subculture SchwarzwaldBaarBodensee Excellent – Ed Davenport ( Gumption / Liebe*Detail / Leftroom) (3 Good Doctors aka Agaric, Ed Davenport & Beaner) lovely electronica! real music, full of humanity. love all the tracks, but Landschall wins it for the club playabilty! – Pelle Buys ( Sender, Italic ) ny city fond du car ist sehr geil – Toni Rios good stuff but nothing for my dj set. – Ruede Hagelstein ( Prinz Magazine, Upon You ) nice compilation.. „in heaven“ is fantastic, love it. – Butane (Alphahouse/Butane + Someone Else/Crosstown Rebels) very nice – James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge) very nice!!! – Dario Zenker (Harry Klein) nice compilation! really like the mix. – Paul Brtschitsch (Rootknox) landschall ist super! – Tim Thaler (3headz) for radio play, thanks. – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) hab gerade wieder nen chill-mix abgemischt, da kommt die ep leider etwas zu spät. aber beim nächsten mal könnte „in heaven“ mit dabei sein… ich muss mir die gesamte ep nochmal in ruhe anhören…beim skippen sind solche songs schwer beurteilbar… – ed2000 (BLN Fm) great atmospheres . love this kind of creativity – full support – Tim Schäfer (030 Magazin) thanks – Patrick Ressler nice. – Dave Vega ( Robert Johnson / WMF ) weird and beautiful! interesting! – Radio 98eins alles sehr zeitlos. vor allem wird es eine weile dauern, um alles richtig fassen zu können. landschall ist dann natürlich sehr schön für die tanzfläche. – Indietronic NY City is my fav. – Tobias Koch (Radio Fritz) „n y city sounds“ intersting… „starndspaziergang“ is awesome!… good downtempo track to play as last song in my show. – Cio D’Or (Prologue) A very interesting & beautiful, artful Compilation! – Mike Vamp (Nights In Gale/Pokerflat) definitely an outstanding new collection of electronic pearls. thank you. – Radio X sehr „bunt“, die Kollektion. Persönliche Perlen: 1, 3, 5, 6. – DJ MPLeary (Raveline) nicht meine welt…sorry – Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)) interesting sampler – Northern Rivers Echo / The Indoor Sessions Good to see broque just cranking out the gear every month! – Fabrice Lig Nice warm tracks (3 & 5) – teknology.free.fr/ radioshow Wonder how I’ll introduce it to the radio show but it sounds so good, to think about. – Switch / Studio Brussel good radio stuff – Eric Bordes-Tosolini very cool, nice tracks ! – Radio Campus Brussles i really like the strandspaziergang himsalbe , and in heaven auto-pilot. the rest doesnt do it for me i`m afraid… – Cian Ó Cíobháin (An Taobh Tuathail – RTE RnaG radio, Ireland) Warm & hazy, a bit like this fine late April evening. – Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair) what a nice album! starting with that nycity threw me off… wicked!! and ending with hyde….wow…very cool – Noah Pred (Thoughtless) Interesting variety of efforts here. Landschall mix for me. – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog Like ny city and in heaven – Diversions on chry105.5fm lovely! – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) not for me.. – DJ Montana (Club Basement.net ) (Sputnik) thx morten – HalfStereo.com Very good compilation. One of my favorite labels keeps me excited. – Heike Reich (BR) die minikollektion ist toll und so radiotauglich :) – Gabriel le Mar abgefahren und nicht stromlinienförmig bis exzentrische selection ;-) landschall – hazuky gefällt mir mit am besten und werde ich auch spielen…au fond du car – n y city ist ein echt abgefahrener country-folk-house hybrid – nice one!!!- Leeds Music Scene Good music for good music’s sake. nice one – Fwd DJ (FWD) interesting collection of downtempo/electronica – Chris Finke One for the iPod…thanks!!! – Allez Allez Blog this is wonderful – especially the front end of the compilation. a real refreshing collection. thanks – Bass music blog this is just straight-up great. really enjoying it. – Drowned In Sound Intriguing variety. That NY City song’s a corker. – The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth) prefer track 5 & 6 top stuf – Machines Are Funky Blog, Resident Advisor Vocals on ‚NY City . . . ‚ a cross between Lou Reed & Brian Ferry. Interesting. ‚Dreams . . .‘ also a nice track. Two picks from a very good EP with plenty of memorable moments. – Traffic Magazine great compilation-all have something different and interesting to offer. – Gavin (Gavin Herlihy) wow a breathe of fresh air in the midst of the usual promo page banality! thanks – Piratecat / Gridlock Tasty!!! – Skoozbot (Minus) really interesting release! – Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) Weird but interesting – Electronique.it Perhaps ny city is not the best start here but the rest is very interesting. Lenares‘ track is very nice, so Auto-Pilot’s. Hazuky is top: groovy and deep electronica! Really well done: full support in my radio show. – Frequencies.it very different and very interesting! – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) this is the proof that electronic music can be not exclusively danceable. – Funk D’Void (Soma Records) different and layered, great – DJ Fra (Nitsa) TRACK 2 IS AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION – Richie Hawtin (Minus) download for R Hawtin – Berlin Mitte Institut Keen and colorful release. – Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio Records/The Result) what the hell…… thanks for that great stuff, more please! LOVE every track! great selection. will play for sure! – Radio Z ambitious but not outstanding, not really my cup of tea – Mikael Stavöstrand (Thema/Sunset Diskos) cool stuff – Big Bully (Mineral) nice overall comp. 1 and 6 really got me.. but really hard to pick fave…. – Xenia Beliayeva (Systematic) Strandspatziergang Hirnsalbe…was ein Name, aber interessanter Track! – Adeline Supreme love! – Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)) interesting sampler – Deetron I absolutely love the Auto-Pilot track and Lenares and Landschall are very interesting as well. excellent compi! – Dan Sykes (vivamusicstudios.com) strandspaziengang Himsabe is sublime, the rest of the tracks are cool bu tthat one really stands out for me – Barry O’Donoghue (Bodytonic) dream is my pick here, thanks. – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Perfect for BOUM! TCHAK! – Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) I like tracks 2 & 5, good stuff! – Radio 1 cool listening stuff, very radio friendly, support it, but I will prefer on cd