043 | pseudónimo – terra firme e.p.

We travel again to Lisbon and meet Ricardo Mestre, a so far undiscovered musician and graphic artist, who immediately carries us into his world full of playful melodies. Thereby he uses only a minimum of technology, but produces nevertheless such beautiful intuitive musical landscapes, that it does not really matter if they work on a dance floor or not. The love lies in the details. And this brings up joy, happiness and reverie. Ricardo, who is also one of the resident artists of the Lisbon „Noite CDR“, describes his music simply by the colours grey, pink and blue. We think, one could interpret much much more into it. Or, better yet, one could simply lay back and listen to it.
With this EP we are saying goodbye for the summer and will come back on September 1st. 2008, after an organizational relocation break. We wish you only the best up till then!


  1. terra firme
  2. outside
  3. a rosy wisp of cloud
  4. no quarto dos pais (interlúdio) + tormenta
  5. estória dos dias curtos
  6. .zip-file


written and produced by Ricardo Mestre
Artwork by Ricardo Mestre http://myspace.com/duplos